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Radiangames Mega Sale! | Freebies, XBLIG Price Cuts, PC Discounts

Matt Gardner
Ballistic, Big fat price cuts, Fireball, Fluid, Inferno+, iOS games, JoyJoy, PC games, Radiangames, Sale, Super Crossfire, XBLIG, Xbox 360 games

Radiangames Mega Sale! | Freebies, XBLIG Price Cuts, PC Discounts

To celebrate the second anniversary of their first release, Radiangames have knocked the prices down on everything in their back catalogue, across iOS, PC, and Xbox LIVE.

Ballistic SE and Fireball SE are normally £1.49 each, Super Crossfire HD is normally £1.99, and Super Crossfire is normally 69p. But now, all of these titles will cost 69p, with the exception of Super Crossfire (Standard), which is FREE!!

Ballistic SE – Fireball SE – Super Crossfire HD – Super Crossfire (free, iPhone-only)

The PC/Mac games are on sale for £1.39 each (on Desura).  They are normally £3.49 each.
Inferno+ – Super Crossfire – Ballistic – Slydris – Fireball

Xbox 360 Games
The Xbox Live Indie Games are now 80MSP each.  They were previously 400MSP each for the last 10 months.
JoyJoy – Crossfire – Inferno – Fluid – Fireball – Crossfire 2 – Ballistic

The soundtracks are all on sale for $0.99 (roughly 69p).  Normally they are $1.99 each.
Super Crossfire – Ballistic – Fireball – Fluid – Inferno – JoyJoy

Ballistic, Depths of Peril, Inferno+, Slydris, Tobe’s Vertical Adventure & Unstoppable Gorg | Beat The Minimum | Indie Royale | PC

Jonathan Lester
Ballistic, Depths Of Peril, Indie Games, Indie Royale, Inferno+, PC games, Slydris, Tobe's Vertical Adventure, Unstoppable Gorg
Ballistic, Depths of Peril, Inferno+, Slydris, Tobe’s Vertical Adventure & Unstoppable Gorg | Beat The Minimum | Indie Royale | PC

You know the drill: six great indie games, one low fluctuating minimum price to beat. Plus, there's no distributor to take a cut - and no DRM.

Go beat that price. Especially if you're a fan of Radiangames, since Luke Schneider has brought two of his finest to the party.

Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week: Ballistic, Dreamy Vale & Antipole!

Jonathan Lester
Antipole, Ballistic, Incident Of Dreamy Vale Church, Radiangames, Xbox 360 games, Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week, Xbox Live Indie Games
Xbox 360


First things first: apologies for the brief hiatus in our Indie coverage. I've been hard at work reviewing succulent iPhone apps over at our new sister site Mobot.net, but I've now returned refreshed and revitalised to my old stomping grounds. Let's see what we've missed!

As always, click the links to check out the demos. Try before you buy!

Radiangames Ballistic


indie-gotw-250x250This isn't the first, second or even the third time that Radiangames have graced these hallowed halls. Luke Schneider is nothing less than an Independent legend, and with this latest addition to the series, his plucky studio has delivered another polished take on the twinstick shooter. Ballistic delivers superbly solid gameplay with an emphasis on great big guns... but there's no denying that it's more formulaic than we're used to.

Unless you've been hiding out on the International Space Station for several years, you already know what a twinstick shooter is. One thumbstick moves your ship and the other deploys your weaponry, which you'll bring to bear on hordes of spherical enemies that descend on your ships in voracious, hectic waves. However, holding down the trigger activates Ballistic Mode, which limits your movement while greatly increasing raw juicy firepower. Whilst it still feels overly familiar to fans of the burgeoning genre, the action is slick, beautiful and subtly nuanced. Naturally, it also looks and sounds the business.

In an extra little twist, you can earn and assign Call Of Duty-style perks after every ten waves. You'll need to weigh up the value of increased damage, speed, fire rate and bomb potential to create loadouts that compliment your preferred play style.

Radiangames Ballistic is another pulse-pounding blasterpiece from one of the best developers on the service. Consider this an essential purchase.

Click here for brutal brawling and warped gravity!