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David Brown's Free Play: Splatter, Survival and Sunshine

David Brown
Battlepaint, Browser games, Free Play, Freeware, Go Go Sunshine, Rebuild


“The sky outside is wet and grey, so begins another weary day” sang Suggs in 1981, but we're not going to let this melancholy departure from Madness's usual cheery ska-pop sound give us the blues when we have Go Go Sunshine to keep us occupied.

Laboured intros aside, Go Go Sunshine sees you control the fiery orb itself in an attempt to dissolve all the rain clouds that are causing the unfortunate humans such a problem. This is achieved by jumping on them.

Once the last cloud is eliminated, you can get bonus points for leaping off and finishing the level close to the ground. The closer you are, the more points you get. Your final position is determined by the moment the last cloud disappears, so if you jump too early, you'll splat into the ground and have to re-do the level.


Hazards appear from time to time, like black clouds, which are dangerous, so avoid jumping on them if at all possible. That's about it really, it really is quite a simple game. It doesn't bring as much cheer as perhaps a smiling, bouncing, happy sun might be expected to do, but it'll keep you occupied for a few minutes. Just long enough to listen to the entirety of Bob Marley's Sun is Shining.

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