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Beatles Rock Band

Beatles: Rock Band Solus | £4.99 | HMV | PS3 & Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
Beatles Rock Band, Games deals, Music games, PS3 games, Xbox 360 games
Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

I don't care that much for money. Money can't buy me love. But it can buy me Beatles: Rock Band for the crazy low price £4.99. This makes it cheaper than many DLC track packs, delivering loads of fantastic Beatles songs, videos and fun realistic progression mechanics.

Stocks are starting to thin out (with delivery stretching to between a few days and a week)- so if you want to get involved, I'd do it soon! Thanks to iahonor at Hot UK Deals.

The Beatles Rock Band £8.99 @ Powerplay Direct [Nintendo Wii & PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
Beatles Rock Band, Games deals, Music games, PS3 games, Wii games
Playstation 3 | Wii

Beatles Rock Band pic 2

Here's a deal that'll let all you Beatles fans out there live out the dream of performing on stage as one of the fab four, even if it is only hitting a few multi-coloured notes or badly belting out lyrics using the microphone. Unfortunately, Powerplay Direct have sold out of copies on the Xbox, so all you Wii and PS3 owners should probably get yourselves onto their website before they run out of stock on the other consoles as well.

You can grab hold of the game on either the Wii, 360, or PS3 for £8.99 from Powerplay Direct, which'll save you exactly £3 on the next best offer on the PS3 versions, and almost £4.50 on the Wii.

The single player takes on a slight twist, instead of forging out your own music career you get to follow the iconic band's legendary career as they grow from humble roots to become one of the biggest music phenomenons in the world. The set list is littered with classic Beatles track including 'Day Tripper', 'Paperback Writer', and 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'.

Most people should be familiar with the music game format by now, but if you've never played one before the aim of the game is to hit the coloured notes as they descend down the screen, or follow the lyrics as they scroll from one side of the monitor to the other. As always you'll get the choice of playing guitar, bass, drums, or wailing on vocals, and in this instalment instead of choosing a generic rocker you'll take on the image of one member of the band if you so wish.

Now the game's under £10 it's definitely worth checking out and at the very least it'll add a few more track to your Rock Band repertoire.

Thanks to Rhys135 @ HUKD

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition £49.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 & Wii Games]

Tom Silkstone
Beatles Rock Band, Games deals, Music games, Wii games, Xbox 360 games
Wii | Xbox 360

Beatles Rock Band pic

Ever wanted to play a gig, where you'd have to be bundled into your car by some burly security guards in order to avoid the screaming waves of fans that were lying in wait behind the venue's doors? Well this is probably the closest you'll get, as you step into the fab fours shoes and blast out some of the world's most popular songs.

You can grab copies of the limited edition on the Xbox or the Wii for £49.99 from HMV, which'll save you almost £40 on the Wii version and just over £30 on the 360.

In addition to the game, you'll also receive a replica Höfner Bass guitar controller that was made famous by Sir Paul McCartney, a Ludwig branded Rock Band 2 drum kit with The Beatles logo emblazoned on the bass drum, and a microphone stand for your handy peripheral.

The story mode lets you progress through the bands legendary career and there's a wealth of songs on offer from their impressive repertoire including classic like 'A Hard Days Night', 'Eight Days a Week', and 'Yellow Submarine'.

As usual when it come to music games, you'll get to choose whether you're playing guitar, bass, drums, or picking up the microphone to belt out some lyrics, although with this title in the Rock Band series your choice might be heavily dependent on who your favourite Beatle is. Once you've done that you'll move onto performing, where you'll have to hit the coloured notes at the correct time or follow the words moving across the screen.

Looks wise, the game is definitely inspired by the era the band was originally playing in and Overdrive has been renamed 'Beatlemania' for this instalment of the series.

If you're playing multiplayer then definitely make sure you get three friends round to form a four piece, as you'll not only be treated to the best experience the game has to offer but you'll probably also get to see the amusing spectacle of your mates arguing over who gets to be which Beatle.

This is a must have for any Beatles fan and brings the spirit of the 60s into your living room.

Thanks to timmeh9 @ HUKD

From Gears of War to Boom Blox: News roundup 21st July

Beatles Rock Band, Boom Blox, Gears of War, News, Project Natal

Gears of War won’t be embracing Project Natal according to creator Cliff Bleszinski in today’s news roundup.   Also, more details confirmed for Beatles Rock Band and a Boom Blox sequel could appear on other formats.

Gears of War Won’t Use Project Natal


Microsoft’s Project Natal won’t be replacing traditional gaming according to Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski.  Discussing Gears of War and Project Natal he said “if there's any future Gears products, it's not the kind of thing you tag onto a game like that, right?

Bleszinski went on to praise the accuracy and potential of Project Natal, but said “Will it replace traditional gaming? No, but it's another amazing way that we can expand the gaming experience to a wider audience and enhance what's already there”.  Although Gears of War may not embrace Project Natal, other big names currently are.   Halo: Reach may be Natal-enabled, while the next instalment in the No More Heroes series may use Project Natal on the Xbox 360.  [MajorNelson]

New Songs and Details Revealed For Beatles Rock Band


Harmonix have revealed more details regarding Beatles Rock Band.   8 more songs have been confirmed, including Yellow submarine, Within me without you, Revolution, and Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band, bringing the total of confirmed songs to 15.  Harmonix shared more information about the three part vocal harmonies, allowing three people to take a mic at once.

In a first for the series up to three different colored lines run across the vocal tracks, requiring each person to sing their designated part, creating the harmony effect the Beatles are famous for.  Anyone not up to scratch can try the vocal practice mode, allowing you to isolate and practice a specific point in the song.  If you can’t sing to begin with then this isn’t likely you to do you much good, but helpful nonetheless.  [1UP]

Boom Blox Sequel Could Come To Other Formats


Boom Blox is considered one of the best third party games on the Wii, and with two games already out, a third seems entirely possible.  Head of EA Bright Light Harvey Elliott announced in regards to a sequel “I wouldn't say never.  I really wouldn't.  We've really enjoyed making it. This one does have a lot of new features over the last one. I'd want there to be a step again. I want to make sure that what we do steps it up again”.

Boom Blox is currently exclusive to the Wii, but likely to appear on other formats, despite what EA say.  “Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured the spirit of the Wii” said Elliot. “It's about the motion control, it's about throwing a ball or throwing an object. I can't imagine that on other devices at the moment”.  He also goes on to add "never say never".   Considering the PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting motion control in the near future Boom Blox appearing elsewhere hardly seems outside the realms of possibility.  [VideoGamer]