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Croixleur Review | Two Girls, One Tower

Jonathan Lester
Brawler, Croixleur, Doujin Games, hack and slash, Nyu Media, PC games, Souvenir Circ.

Croixleur Review | Two Girls, One Tower

Platform: PC

Developer: Souvenir Circ.

Publisher/Localisation: Nyu Media

Now that more Japanese games are being localised for Western audiences than ever before, we're getting to play some of the biggest hits from the Land Of The Rising Sun without having to import them. However, we're also able to enjoy some of the smallest indie productions courtesy of localisation specialists like Nyu Media. Their strong first wave of oft-overlooked Doujin titles (indie games created by a team or 'circle' of developers on a shoestring budget) brought us the likes of Eryi's Action and Fairy Bloom Freesia, both of which catered to their niche audiences brilliantly.

Croixleur is their first effort of 2013, a time-attack brawler from the Souvenir Circle starring... you guessed it... a cute anime girl of indeterminate age. As always.

Croixleur Review | Two Girls, One Tower

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