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Disgaea 3

Disgaea 3 Confirmed For Vita

Jonathan Lester
Disgaea 3, Disgaea: Return, Nippon Ichi, Playstation Vita, PS Vita
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice | Playstation Vita

Disgaea 3 Confirmed For Vita

Nippon Ichi Tease Four New Titles

News from the land of the rising sun. Nippon Ichi has confirmed the rumours about Disgaea 3, the latest iteration of the brilliantly quirky yet astoundingly deep SRPG, hitting the Playstation Vita next year in the latest issue of Dengeki Magazine (via Andriasang). Apparently it will be a full port of the PS3 original, including all downloadable content and four exclusive scenarios. Oh, and it'll carry a different suffix; probably Return or Returns. We'll let you know if and when it's confirmed for Europe.

Nippon Ichi has also spilled the beans about four new games currently in development. One will be a 3D action RPG from the Prinny PSP development team, whilst another is a "networking"-driven title that will feature incredible visuals thanks to a collaboration with a "famous" (though as-yet unidentified) Japanese illustrator. Naturally we'll keep you updated by the wire - and will keep an eye on the European distribution channels. [Andriasang]