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Electronics Entertainment Expo

Is E3 Dying? | Electronic Entertainment Ennui

Josh Clark
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Is E3 Dying? |  Electronic Entertainment Ennui

Live streaming technology has changed the way gamers around the globe perceive the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Gone are the days of scouring magazines for second-hand interpretations of the biggest and best reveals from the preeminent trade event in the gaming calender. Now, the most talented developers, most prolific publishers, and most powerful hardware manufacturers in the world are given the opportunity to connect with their audience on a first-hand basis, beaming their heaviest of hitters directly into the living rooms of the people buying their products.

It's rather telling then, that over the last few days, that very audience has taken to social networking sites in force to express their apathy, their disappointment, and occasionally their outrage at an annual event that is steadily shifting from a freight-train of digital euphoria to a rather more pedestrian rechurning of last year's reveals. Are the sunny streets of Los Angeles about to bear witness to the death of E3? Or can something be done to turn public opinion around and get the fading exhibition back on its feet?

Is it too late for E3?

E3 2011 | Spotlight Picks Part 1

Matt Gardner
Bioshock Infinite, E3 2011, Electronics Entertainment Expo, Halo, NGP
Bioshock Infinite

E3 2011 is just around the corner, and we'll be bringing you plenty of news coverage and juicy games previews from the expo next month, but before everything kicks off we thought we'd share our personal picks for the proceedings and let you know what we're excited about. If there's something in particular you're psyched for, let us know in the comments box below, and we'll try to make sure we cover it while we're out there.

Brendan: NGP

ngp front on

It's time Sony slapped a name on this little fella if they expect it to be on anyone's Christmas list instead of a 3DS. I'm surprised they've left it this long to be honest. In fairness if it wasn't for the recent PSN crisis, the NGP might have had some more details revealed by now.

The successor to the PSP is going to be packed with features, but the one I'm still most excited about is the second analogue stick which will remove any limits for the top names in gaming. Action games will get better camera and aiming controls and the FPS genre will be immediately dominant. We've already seen two huge names running on the machine, in Uncharted and Killzone. Graphically, the NGP is going to smash the competition, as it's much closer to the PS3 and 360 in terms of raw power compared to Ninty's gameless 3DS and more importantly, the iPad.

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