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From Hadouken to Iron Fist Tournament to the World of F1: News Roundup 29th June

Bob Carter
F1, Formula 1, News, PC games, PSP, Street Fighter, Tekken

Today we will look at the latest news that has come from the best "beat em up" of this generation and the latest peripheral to be announced from the most anticipated beat em up of this generation. Finally for all those that have been awaiting a new release of a game based on the Formula 1 franchise, we have new information on what to expect from the future Codemasters release.

Tekken 6 to come bundled with Wireless Arcade Stick


The soon to be released "beat em up" Tekken 6 will come with a Wireless Arcade joystick, it has been confirmed. However you will have to fork out a wallet bursting $149.99. With the price of the UK edition yet to be announced, it wouldn’t be surprising if this deal which includes the Tekken 6 game and an Art book releases with an RRP of £149.99, especially with the history of “Rip off Britain.” [Thegameraccess]

Street Fighter 4 PC Release Date announced

street fighter 4

Finally the PC release date has been confirmed for the best beat em up of this generation, Street Fighter IV. The North American release has been confirmed by Microsoft to release on July 7th with the European release coming 4 days earlier on July 3rd. Now for those who do not own this brilliant game, you now have no excuse not to purchase it, especially now that Street Fighter 4 is on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and finally the PC. [Examiner]

Codemasters Formula 1 Details Revealed


Following on from the previous iteration which was developed and release by Sony on the PS3 over 3 years ago, comes Codemasters version following on from the acquisition of the Formula 1 license from Sony last year. This year will see the release of the PSP and Wii versions of the Formula 1 game with the other platforms having a release date next year.

Details revealed today include all the expected features such as 17 track season, all 20 drivers, 10 teams, changeable weather, pit crew communication and a functional damage system. Following on from this there is a 3 year season mode in which you can race as a named driver or you can create your own driver and be contracted to any of the featured teams with the ability to transfer teams during career mode. [Pocketgamer]