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Final Rift

Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week: Final Rift, Nyan-Tech & Timeslip!

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox 360


Final Rift

final rift

indie-gotw-250x250Space Sims have become an endangered species throughout this console generation- so it's a cause for riotous jubilation when one manages to hit the marketplace. MStar Games won our prestigious Indie Game Of The Year award with the epic space adventure Space Pirates From Tomorrow, but thanks to Final Rift, we now finally have some competition in the genre! Choice is good... and luckily, Final Rift is very, very good indeed.

Final Rift conforms to a familiar formula. You'll start out with a battered ship, meagre funds and an entire universe to explore. To improve your ride and reach distant systems, players will need to engage in a variety of subquests for money to spend on new weapons, tech and shady stock market deals. Space combat is a joy thanks to slick HD graphics and smooth controls (that need to be set to the "racing" setting in the options menu to mirror most other flight simulators)- and as you'd expect, earning money and reputation soon becomes extremely addictive.

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