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Game Boat

From Scapegoat Pirates To The Big Game Boat Ride - News Roundup 9th October 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nintendo: We Can't Blame Piracy For Poor Sales

Nintendo hate piracy with an absolute passion; from the now-illegal R4 Card to the humble ROM. In fact, they're the gaming equivalent of Disney's East India Company when it comes to hunting down and punishing unlawful pirates. It's always easy to point the fingers  when discussing their recent sagging sales figures in certain departments, but Ninty President Satoru Iwata continues to take the high road and lay the blame squarely on the need to make better games to entice more consumers.

I do not think we should attribute bad software sales solely to piracy.

Even with piracy, as long as we can create products which can attract attention from many consumers and which can greatly entertain them, that software can make it to the number one position of the hit software sales chart.

So, we would like to consider it from both perspectives simultaneously. It is true there is always the influence of piracy, but it is important for us to increase the number of our consumers who are willing to shell out their money to purchase our products. - Satoru Iwata

This mirrors his comments earlier this year, when he stated that boring games have more to do with low sales than piracy ever will. I'm inclined to agree. [Eurogamer]

Bionic Commando & Sir Arthur Headed to MvC3

rad spencer 2

Things keep getting better and better for Capcom's long-awaited Marvel vs Capcom 3. As well as being a deeply impressive game in terms of visuals and fighting mechanics (yeah, we've got a Eurogamer Expo preview incoming), Capcom have now announced that Bionic Commando's Nathan Spencer and Ghosts 'N Goblins' Sir Arthur will also be making a playable appearance. As you'd expect, Spencer's fighting style revolves around spamming his extendable arm... and if Sir Arthur plays anything like his original games, he'll get hit once, lose his clothes and die humiliatingly in seconds.

Oh, M.O.D.O.K. and Magneto have also been confirmed. Just in case you needed another reason to preorder.

Black Ops Prestige RC Car: 12 Batteries Not Included

blops prestige

Call of Duty: Black Ops may be shaping up nicely- but many gamers are eagerly looking forward to discarding the game and Prestige Edition packaging to get their hands on the remote controlled car. And who can blame them? With an integrated camera, this is arguably going to be more fun than the game itself.

Unfortunately this is going to require a lot of power. Apparently twelve batteries (of currently unspecified size) will be required to run the car and controller. These batteries won't be included either, which will doubtlessly be absolutely heartbreaking for many unprepared . Just giving you a heads-up.

Could Activision be about to get into the battery business? You heard it here first. [Gamerzines]

And Finally... I'm On A (Game) Boat!

big game boat

Some people might consider the aforementioned Black Ops RC car to be an pointless and unnecessary extravagance. I dread to think what they'll make of the Kinect Game Boat, then...

[Atomic Accessories; thanks for the tip Paul!]