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Gaming Investments

Gaming Investments | How Saints Row 3 Can Make You Money

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Gaming Investments | How Saints Row 3 Can Make You Money

Fancy nabbing a bunch of Saints Row 3 passes and codes to sell online for absolutely nothing? Right this way good sir...

Games are investments, soaking up precious time and money. But this Christmas, there's a way you can make the system work for you, and it all begins with three letters...CEX.

Now we all know that CEX can be a little hit and miss, but there's nothing stopping you playing the high street markets like a fiddle and trying to make yourself a little bit of money. Whether game companies like it or not, the pre-owned market is still alive and kicking...sort of...and there's still demand for copies and codes that can be turned to an advantage. Just follow these steps:

  1. Buy Saints Row: The Third for £19.99 from Gamestation.
  2. Remove all of the delicious codes from inside.
  3. Waltz down to your local CEX and sell said game for £20 cash (We Buy price correct at time of writing). CEX offer offline products anyway so the codes won't be missed.
  4. Sell your stockpile of codes on eBay for anything between £3-£9 a pop.

One or two things to note - Gamestation tend to operate a policy whereby you can only purchase 6 of the same items (stock willing) if you go in-store. Online, though, you can put as many in as you like in your basket. CEX allow you to sell up to 5 online straightaway, but any more and you'll have to talk to their customer services department. In-store, there's no limit, but it's always wise to ring up and verify that they're offering cash.