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Top Ten Tuesdays | Best (And Worst) Gaming Valentines Presents

Jonathan Lester
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Top Ten Tuesdays | Best (And Worst) Gaming Valentines Presents

Roses are rubbish. Choccies are cliché. This is the 21st century, people, and the world of gaming has provided us with infinitely more meaningful presents to proffer to our significant others on this Hallmark holiday.

That being said, the course of true love never did run smooth... and it's very easy to get things apocalyptically wrong. Therefore, as Dealspwn's resident doctor of lurve (my diploma is in the post, shut up), it's my duty to sum up the very best and worst gaming gifts out there. There's no need to thank me. It's my job. It's what I do. Just knowing that I've brought a little more love into the world is reward enough.

Gifts That Work 60% Of The Time, Every Time

5: Frozen Synapse

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best (And Worst) Gaming Valentines Presents

A hardcore strategy game might seem like a bizarre choice for a romantic present, but you'd be dead wrong. Each purchase gives you two codes, so in between breathlessly fragging each other (read that again, you sick puppy), you can stay connected and swap sweet nothings in an exclusive social network.

What's more, you can always pretend that you let your partner win for extra brownie points... even though they kicked your arse fair and square.

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