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Grease | £13.99 | Gameplay & Gamestation | DS

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo DS

It's automatic! It's hydromatic! It can't really decide on a target audience! Grease on the DS is essentially a low-budget Elite Beat Agents with a 50s soundtrack... and actually isn't all that bad. You'll jab and swipe the stylus across the screen in time with the music, following the love story of Danny and Sandy as they fall in love and inexplicably sing and/or dance in public places. Unfortunately it also intersects with the minuscule overlap of gamers that love Grease and own a DS. The sound quality is good, the music is... well, you know what the music is... but there isn't a huge amount of content here. Chances are you'll have already made up your mind after reading the title and price.

Grease | £13.99 | Gamestation | Wii

Lydia Low
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Grease  £13.99  Gamestation  Wii [photo]

It says a lot for a game, sadly none of it good, when you can buy it for less than £15 just a month after its release. It allows you to put a host of Wii peripherals to use and if Grease is one of your most beloved guilty pleasures then there's a good chance you'll actually enjoy this. If, however, you are more interested in gaming than musicals (as I suspect is the case for pretty much everyone reading this), then you're likely to find this title every bit as irritating as the god awful adverts that accompany it. It's ugly, difficult to control and anything but the one that I want. Thanks to leeds_united_afc at Hotukdeals!

Grease: The Video Game Pre-order £19.78 @ Cool Shop UK [Wii Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Grease pic

For all you musical fans out there, in a couple of months time you'll get the chance to sing and dance your way through Grease's plot as either Danny or Sandy. If this is starting to sound appealing then don't hang around until release date, head over to Cool Shop UK's website where you can pre-order the game for £19.78, which'll save you just over £5 on the next best pre-order price of £24.91 coming in from Asda.

Whereas you're limited to picking between controlling Danny or Sandy in the single player, multiplayer'll let you choose from the rest of the cast list depending on whether you prefer The T-Birds or The Pink Ladies, and it'll also let you battle things out between friends as you can pit two teams of four against one another.

Instead of going down the route of trying to painstakingly recreate the actors' looks, the developers have decided to go for a cartoon approach, which in my opinion is a much better option for the Wii.

The controls seem to combine a lot of the Wii's peripherals, so you can expect to swing the Wii mote around, grab your USB microphone, and even hook up your Wii balance board to gyrate your hips to the music.

There are a whole load of mini-games for you to take part in including; high school sports like wrestling, track events, and baseball; racing down Thunder road; and of course dancing. Also, if you've got any additional players sitting around then they can pick up the microphone and earn points by singing the songs signature tracks whilst you're focusing on the mini-game in hand.

This looks like a game that's got the potential to be great fun if it can capture the spirit of the movie, so you should move like "Greased Lightnin'" to pre-order your copy.

Thanks to SeeBell @ HUKD

From Fitness Hero To Asteroids The Movie: News Roundup July 2nd

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Thursday's news tells us of more games adopting the 'Hero' name in their title, new Zelda perhaps not being what we expected, Gears Of War 2 receiving a new update and ancient arcader Asteroids hitting the big screen

Everyone Wants To Be A Hero


VPT Technologies has trademarked both the names Fitness Hero and Workout Hero, drawing attention due to the names obvious resemblance to the Guitar Hero series.  VPT Technologies specialize in voice-activated fitness equipment, but have recently announced their decision to develop a “web-based video game system” connecting users in a safe global network, with fitness most likely the primary aspect of the game.

They haven’t confirmed Fitness Hero or Workout Hero as this game yet but given the circumstances it’s pretty likely this is the case.  Slapping ‘Hero’ on the end of their titles seems like a shameless attempt to sell more copies but judgment should be reserved until the game is actually played.  Speculation looks at where the ‘Hero’ name is headed next; Zelda Hero?  Or how about Halo Hero?  Maybe even leave out the game title altogether calling it Hero Hero?  Time will tell... [1UP]

Greased Nintendo


Paramount Digital Entertainment has planned to release a DS and Wii adaptation of 1978 movie ‘Grease’.  As Grease is unlikely to make a great First Person Shooter, Paramount have decided to opt for a party game aimed at the causal and family gaming market.  Working with 505 Games they plan to take full advantage of both consoles capabilities allowing you to sing and dance with Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson.  [Gamestop]

Gears Of War Update

Gears of War

To celebrate release of the Gears Of War 2 Title Update 4, Epic Games will be promoting a double experience points weekend starting this Friday.  Title Update 4 has introduced experience points in multiplayer mode and playing this weekend will give you the chance to receive 500 extra experience points for being on the winning side in an online ranked match.

To make this party even more exciting horde matches now feature extra waves of Tickers to join in on the fun. Yay?  [WorthPlaying]

New Zelda Not Radically Different


Shigeru Miyamoto briefly mentioned the new Zelda game at this year’s E3, as well as causally dropping hints throughout the year at how he would like to create completely unique Mario and Zelda games taking advantage of the Wii’s technology.

After getting Zelda fans frothing at the mouth with excitement, he then slammed them back down to Earth stating in Nintendo Power "I don't think it's going to be that radically different”… Damn.  [1UP]

Asteroids: The Movie


Universal must have made their New-Year's resolution to pick the hardest things in the world to make a movie out of.  At the moment they have Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott working on a movie adaption of the board game Monopoly, and have recently acquired the rights to base a film on Atari game Asteroids.

Asteroids may be a popular game, but this isn’t because of a dramatic plot or great cast; it doesn’t even have one you see.  All Universal have to go on is a set of dots firing dots at other dots…. Here’s hoping!  [HollywoodReporter]