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Rumour: New GT5 Track DLC In The Works?

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

gt5 track dlc actual

Gran Turismo 5 certainly isn't short of tracks, but according to some recent internet investigations, Polyphony may be intending to bring even more to the experience as downloadable content. A GT Planet forum sleuth discovered 24 track logos hidden within the official site that don't feature in the game, which appear to be sized for display in the Remote Racing page. Full details below.

Click here for the track list and the rumour in full >>

From A Diablo III Double Bill To Bizarre Creations' Demise - News Roundup 18th February 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

Diablo III Console Confusion; Male Demon Hunter Revealed

male demon hunter

Today brings us a couple of interesting new updates about Diablo III, the long-awaited action RPG that Blizzard "hope" to release by the end of the year.

A recent job advert for a senior producer for a console version of Diablo III caused the rumour mill to explode into frenzied activity, but Blizzard have spoken out to stress that the 'project' is only in the concept and exploratory stages. It's entirely possible that a console version will never see the light of day, though naturally it would sell like hot cakes.

We’re exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles and are currently looking to fill a few senior console-related positions on the Diablo III team.

Please note that this is not an announcement of a console title. We are first and foremost developing Diablo III for Windows and Mac PCs and don’t intend to allow any possibility of a console interpretation to delay or affect the release of the game. - Blizzard Spokesperson to VG247

We'll keep an eye on it. [VG247]

In other Diablo III news, Blizzard have revealed the male Demon Hunter character to Eurogamer. We've previously seen the female counterpart's sultry and dangerous take on trapping and declawing the enemy hordes, but when designing the male version, Blizzard were angling for a more edgy and muscular a. In fact, he's a cross between AC's Altair, Clint Eastwood and Trent Reznor!

The female demon hunter is obviously a lot sexier. The male? Well, he's more of a Clint Eastwood type. He's dark and moody – you don't want to meet him in a dark alley. He's definitely the most stylish, most metropolitan of our characters. He's got a modern sensibility in that regard. I think of Trent Reznor when I look at him. - Senior Designer Jason Bender

Put simply, Diablo III is a thing that we want. Here's hoping for a 2011 release. [EG]

Bizarre Creations Is No More

Today marks the closure of Bizarre Creations: the British studio behind the Project Gotham, Geometry Wars and Blur franchises. After lukewarm sales of Blur (which was inexplicably launched at the same time as Split/Second) and 007: Blood Stone, Activision made the decision to can the entire outfit. With Microsoft and EA unwilling to take Bizarre Creations under their wing, there's nothing to do but mourn their loss after a seventeen year run.

And it seems to me they made their games like a candle in the wind. Never knowing who would buy them when the rain set in. Still, the team will be infinitely more employable as individuals and we're not concerned about their futures. They'll be fine, and we wish them the very best.

[Farewell Bizarre…it’s been an absolute pleasure! from Eamon Urtone]

GT5 Receives Massive Content Patch

gt5 new trailer

As of this morning, Gran Turismo 5 has received an enormous update that patches the game to version 1.06. You can read up on the slew of new features over at TSA, but here are some of the most exciting additions that v1.06 brings to the experience.

  • Remote Racing now playable online and through a web browser. The B-Spec mode is now fully integrated into the community screen, and races can even be organised through your web browser! Just log in to the official site, where you can set up remote races and check results. Basically, you can play it anywhere!
  • Increased rewards and experience online. You'll earn greater rewards and amounts of experience through online multiplayer races. Good to know.
  • More car and event settings. Just in case their weren't enough car and event options for you.
  • Course Maker usable in online races. Now you can show off your painstakingly-designed tracks to the online community.

GT5 continues to evolve beyond its original remit- and this newest update is a staggering improvement to an already impressive title. Outstanding.

From Mechanical Damage To The Winter Uprising - News Roundup 1st December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

Mechanical Damage, Wheels & Lounges Headed To GT5

gt5 crashie

Gran Turismo 5 is currently gaming's hottest topic, both in terms of sales and controversy. Polyphony Digital boss (and auteur-supreme) Kazunori  Yamauchi has revealed that myriad patches will be improving several aspects of the game over the next few weeks. The eagle-eyed fans at GT Planet have the full skinny, but here are some of the more important updates that are headed your way.

  • Mechanical Damage. The delayed bodywork damage has been causing no end of controversy (is it a trap for reviewers or a cynical way of artificially lengthening a repetitive game?), but true mechanical damage will be arriving later this month.
  • Racing Wheel Support for Logitech G25 and G27 models. This really ought to have been included from the get-go. It's a no-brainer.
  • Online Lounge Functionality will be added "one by one." We're looking forward to getting a place to kick back, relax and show off our best replays. These features will come when they're done.

[GT Planet via VG247]

Microsoft Details Rewards Program

ms rewards

A reward program that earns free Microsoft points for active Xbox Live members has been on the cards for some time- and MS has finally detailed how the promotion will work. The official site demonstrates a few examples of the prizes that are in store for both Free and Gold members.

Money for nothing. And 'cool prizes'. It may be a cynical ploy to sucker new members into paying for Gold membership, but we still like it. [Thanks, Kotaku]

The Winter Indie Uprising Ignites Today!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the games are so delightful. The Xbox Live Indie Winter Uprising has kicked off today with the release of Epic Dungeon... to be followed by a startlingly excellent selection of titles throughout the week. We'll take a closer look at Epic Dungeon in our Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week roundup- but for now, start earmarking those stray points.

Viva la revolucion. Long live the uprising!

Rumour Controlled: Binary Domain Is Real

binary domain

It looks like our Japanese intel was right on the money. After leaked copies of Famitsu magazine rumoured that a new "robot shooter" was set for a reveal today, SEGA has officially announced that Binary Domain is indeed in development. You can glean more information about the project along with our previous confirmed rumours, but Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi offered some new insight into the unique themes that will hopefully elevate it above being just another Sci-Fi TPS.

When you hear sci-fi you may think of cold, clinical environments, [but] with Binary Domain I wanted to combine this with a deep human drama. The keyword we have in mind for this project is 'Life'. I wanted to make something that will be accepted by both the Japanese and Western markets, and this fundamental theme is something everyone knows but which the full extent of can be difficult to grasp. - Toshihiro Nagoshi

There's also a new trailer for your eager delectation. Enjoy.

From Reaching For The Stars To GT5's Pole Position - News Roundup 29th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5 | Halo: Reach

Bungie Made "Rough Version" Of Reach Space Multiplayer

halo reach space combat mp

Halo Reach's space flight section, Long Night Of Solace, provided one of the few stonking set pieces that the campaign had to offer. Frankly we wish that it had lasted much longer... but gallingly, Bungie has now revealed that they were originally thinking about including zero-G dogfights as a full competitive multiplayer mode. Not only that, but they managed to whip up a rough alpha version.

We joked about [Space Multiplayer] from time to time and even had a rough version of it working very early on in development. But the mechanics of it were pretty silly and we very quickly realised that the resulting gameplay experience wouldn't hit the bar we were aiming for, nor justify the amount of work required.

With so many features and so much content already committed, Reach was an incredibly ambitious project on an already aggressive schedule. - Bungie's Marcus Lehto to Game Informer

We certainly agree that Halo Reach is packed with content... but if there's ever been a case for Reach DLC, it's right now. Either that or a full Halo space sim. Those recon pickets won't stand a chance! [CVG]

GT5 Dethrones Black Ops In UK Chart; Will Sell More PS3s


Gran Turismo 5 took an age to release and is garnering surprisingly mixed reviews... but there's no stopping it now. Thanks to an enormous number of preorders and massive interest from the legion of eager GT fans, Yamauchi's latest epic has soared to the top of the UK sales charts and dethroned Black Ops after an unassailable three week run.

Sony's head of UK Public Relations is naturally keen to push the brand as much as possible, suggesting that it will be responsible for shifting a fair few PS3s this holiday season. Considering the momentum behind the Gran Turismo franchise despite the long delays, I wouldn't be surprised if he's right. [MCV]

Our full GT5 review covers both the highs and the disappointing lows of Yamauchi's project... and is causing a tasty little soupçon of controversy. Hit the link and get involved!

Rumour Control: Yakuza Creator's Next Game Is Binary Domain


Fresh intel from the Land of the Rising Sun suggest that we're about to witness a fresh new IP courtesy of Toshihiro Nagoshi: the creator of Yakuza and Monkey Ball. Members of Japanese message board 2ch has reportedly seen the latest issue of Famitsu magazine that contains the full reveal (slated for Wednesday), and have relayed a tasty bit of info about the project.

The rumours suggest that Binary Domain will be a "robot-based shooter" set in late 21st century Tokyo that has been split in half by a massive class division. Naturally the city soon provides the canvas for a massive war, with humans and robots throwing down in large-scale battles that provide "an extremely high level of AI and online play." Nagoshi reportedly promises there will be a "massive focus on story and action, with the title being focused on a global audience".

Sugoi! We'll check out Famitsu this Wednesday to corroborate the reports... but until then, go ahead and file these rumours as likely. This doesn't smell like a hoax to me.

From GT5's Traffic Congestion To Billy Bob's Bad Films - News Roundup 25th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

GT5 Crippled By "Extreme Online Traffic Congestion"

gt5 crashie

Does Gran Turismo 5 seem a little slow to you? Blame everyone else. GT5 servers are currently groaning under the weight of players attempting to access the online functionality- including both logs and online multiplayer. Bizarrely, this is causing performance drops even in singleplayer. The official Sony line indicates that, in many cases, menus are taking several minutes to navigate and the startup procedure frequently hangs or stalls. It's puzzling (and slightly disappointing) that the singleplayer is being affected by an online issue.

Sony are naturally feverishly working on a solution- and have temporarily denied access to logs and certain aspects of player profiles. They've suggested simply disconnecting from the internet for the time being... which sounds fair enough to me. [Thanks, Kotaku]

UPDATE: Yamauchi has announced that a large patch should be arriving this Saturday. [Eurogamer]

Rumour: PSP Phone Reveal Set For December 9th

ps phone

It's rumour control time again, folks. Multiple sources (including French site Nowereelse.fr and MobileCrunch claim to have been invited to the major reveal of the (not-so-secret) Playstation/PSP Phone- dated for December 9th.

According to MobileCrunch, the phone features a "mind-blowing" retina display and will be aiming for a February 2011 release.

Earlier this week, we reported that Sony Ericsson boss Bert Nordberg has been fanning the flames- stating that there "must be a fire" behind all of this smoke. We reckon these latest reports may well be on the money.

Billy Bob Thornton Blames Gamers For Bad Films...

billy bob thornton

Controversial actor (and former Mr Angelina Jolie) Billy Bob Thornton has blamed us gamers for lowering film standards. Apparently all we want to see is stuff blow up and people getting shot, which allows directors and writers to get away with much lazier scripts and storylines.

We're living in a time when we're making - in my humble opinion - the worst movies in history.

They're geared toward the videogame-playing generation. And these videogames, which I'm on my son about constantly, these games are people killing for fun, and I think traditionally in movies, there's always been some kind of lesson in the violent movies. -Thornton to The Telegraph

I'm sure that you'll be able to draw your own conclusions from this allegation. Let us know what they are!

...And Wahlberg Confirmed As Nathan Drake


Despite Nathan Fillion's recent campaign to portray Uncharted's protagonist Nathan Drake in the upcoming feature film adaptation, it seems that David O Russell has selected a game-to-film veteran. Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights, The Departed) is no stranger to videogame adaptations- having previously played Max Payne in the not entirely convincing remake- and has hinted that Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro have also been contacted about starring in the movie as family members (father and uncle respectively). [MTV]

I'm still not entirely convinced that we need a movie adaptation of an existing cinematic experience; which boasts a linear narrative that required well over 8 hours to tell properly. In fact, I can't get my head around why this film could possibly be a good idea. Still, if you're looking forward to it or want to weigh in on David O Russell's choice of leading man, drop us a line in the comments!

From Elder Scrolls V To Defending GT5 - News Roundup 23rd November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Elder Scrolls V Is A Direct Sequel To Oblivion


The Elder Scrolls series cemented Bethesda's reputation as the undisputed kings of the open-world RPG... but since the barnstorming success of Oblivion, fans have been languishing in anticipation of the next title in the series. It has been a long and arduous wait, but a new report from Eurogamer Denmark states that the Elder Scrolls V is indeed in development... and will be a direct sequel to Oblivion.

[Our Bethesda source] confirmed, with official game documents in hand, that this will be the chronological sequel to what happened in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is the latest game in the now 16-years-old Elder Scrolls saga and by itself one of the better RPGs for PC and consoles.

The sequel to Oblivion is coming, we can hereby confirm without hesitation. It's been a while since 2006, hasn't it?

We've long suspected that TES5 has been taking shape in the Bethsda skunkworks for some time... but with rumours of an MMO slant doing the rounds every now and again, we're glad of any confirmation that a direct canonical sequel to Oblivion is on the cards. It's been too long. We're so ready for this. [Eurogamer Denmark via EG]

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Gets Co-Op PS3 Patch

lcatgol news banner

We absolutely adored Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light when it hit the downloadable marketplaces this summer, but the lack of online cooperative play was absolutely exasperating. GOL was designed from the ground up to be played with a friend, after all. The Xbox 360 version received a cooperative patch last month, but a tweet from Crystal Dynamics has now confirmed PS3 owners can finally take their game online via a software update.

Apparently the PC patch is "coming soon." We'll let you know when it hits. [via VG247]

SCE UK Boss Hypes GT5 Despite Day One Patch...

gt5 interested

After myriad delays, rampant rumours and hundreds of apologetic twitter updates, the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 will be releasing tomorrow. Note, however, that it will require an immediate and mandatory 133Mb patch to enable online play. Over the last few months, critics have been quick to point out that tastes have changed since Gran Turismo's last outing (notably the advent of cinematic racers like Burnout and Need For Speed)- so SCE UK Boss Ray Maguire has stepped up to the plate to state that we, as gamers, are still interested in the Gran Turismo experience. Just in case the overloaded forums and massive media exposure aren't enough proof.

We have to understand that the gaming landscape has changed and recognise that, but at the end of the day, I want it all. I don’t just want Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, I want Gran Turismo as well. Consumers will decide what they want to entertain themselves with at a certain point in time.

What’s interesting is that there’s been nothing until now on GT. That’s because the hardware that we have now allows for so much more freedom. The passion and the drive for excellence that Kazunori has is taking him all the way through to try and push the technology we have now. - SCE Ray Maguire To EG

In my Gamescom preview, I did note that GT5 doesn't provide the flashy and cinematic experience that many of its peers deliver. At the end of the day it comes down to personal taste.

So, here we go. Are you still interested? Can't wait for tomorrow? Or have you moved on to new pastures over the last few years? Have your say in the comments!

From GT5's Final Countdown To THQ's Cheap Games - News Roundup 13th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Confirmed


Right. Finally. Polyphony Digital has officially confirmed that their long-awaited and oft-delayed racing sim will finally hit the shelves on November 24th. Polyphony Digital auteur boss Kazunori Yamauchi has issued a statement both thanking fans for their patience and apologising for the delay. Apparently it'll be worth the wait.

With the technological leap onto PlayStation 3, our objective with GT5 was to create another great revolution which would not only satisfy our own high expectations, but would meet or even exceed the anticipation of the fans. Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly.

I can only apologise to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed.- Kazunori Yamauchi

That's enough now. We're looking forward to actually playing the final version and judging Yamauchi's masterpiece once and for all. Here's the full list of 1031 cars in case you're interested.

THQ President Wants New Games To Be Cheaper


We love cheap games here at Dealspwn. They're why we're here. It's what we- and the epic Hot UK Deals community- do. And it seems that THQ is pretty keen on the concept as well... with one small catch.

THQ president Brian Farrell has suggested that publishers would benefit from a vastly decreased RRP for new games- with an emphasis on DLC and microtransactions to fill their coffers. Citing the £30 level as a decent benchmark, he then suggested that players might be willing to spend much more on downloadable content as a "play on the freemium [sic] model."

With a series of downloadable content so people can extend their experience, people might end up spending $129.99.

Whether this lower price point would also be matched by a smaller amount of on-disc content wasn't discussed- but let's face it, most publishers aren't going to miss a trick. [1UP]

Ninty Deny New Wii In 2011... Despite Capcom Prediction

reggie box

Many pundits, analysts and outspoken gamers have predicted that Nintendo will need to roll out a new console in the near future in order to stay in the limelight (in the face of declining Wii hardware sales). Capcom Europe boss David Reeves is the latest to speak out on the issue, saying that the existing Wii will need nothing less than a run of impeccable software to avoid the need for a replacement.

Wii, unfortunately, I see coming down– as it is now, quite rapidly. Unless they come up with some really good, innovative software with a very strong IP, I think they’re going to struggle. It’s the life cycle, isn’t it? - David Reeves, Capcom EU Boss

However, Nintendo Of America head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime has flatly denied that there are any plans to release a new Wii in 2011, stating that brisk sales over this holiday season will rejuvenate the console. It's possible that Ninty are keeping mum about the 'Wii 2' in order to cynically inspire last-ditch holiday sales... but for now, we'll have to take Reggie's word for it. Apparently they're holding out for a 45 million US install base first. [Kotaku]

We already know that the Wii 2 is in development, and that it's going to open our mouths. Apparently.