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Herzog Zwei

Blast From The Past | Herzog Zwei

Matt Gardner
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Blast From The Past

A couple of years before Sonic sprinted onto the scene for SEGA, hell bent on taking on Nintendo at their own game, the Mega Drive was already showing that it could become a platform for pioneers and new genres. With so many games of the 8 and 16 bits generations sticking rigidly to one genre, learning the rules of those genres and focusing on implementing them well, it was rare to see games that broke the mould and crammed two or three genres into one game.

hz1But Technosoft did...and went and developed a couple of seminal games that were to have an indelible imprint on the RTS genre.

The original Herzog was quite a linear affair with bases on either side of a long vertical strip and the victor being determined by destroying the opposing side's base. The game's currency increased automatically - 10 credits every half second - so although resource management wasn't a primary consideration by any stretch of the imagination, there was a degree of flexibility in terms of unit construction. You essentially took control of a Land-Armour unit - a hovering mech - and created units that would charge out towards the enemy bases, attacking foes on the way, occasionally speeding things up by zipping units further down the track with your mech to press home the victory. It was simple stuff, but it spawned a sequel that would establish a number of RTS conventions for decades to come.

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