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Hot Shots Golf 6

Everybody’s Golf Review | Bogey Or Birdie?

Brendan Griffiths
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Everybody’s Golf Review | Bogey Or Birdie?

Platforms: PS Vita
Developers: Clap Hanz
Publishers: Sony

In many ways, Everybody’s Golf is a perfect fit for the PS Vita handheld. It’s a fast-loader, gameplay is quick and it can be played for hours or just a few holes at a time before slipping the game into sleep mode when the ad break finishes. One negative that it does find though is being on your new, shiny and expensive console that probably has no desire to be thrown at a wall, punched, bitten or burned, which are all possibilities when the game f**ks you over again then runs off giggling with its stupidly happy cast of freaks. So, um, yes, I really like Everybody’s Golf on the Vita, but I want to kill it.

I suppose I should talk about the rest of the game before the red mist takes over again. If you’ve played the PS3 or PSP versions, then you’ll know what to expect. The game provides a generous six 18-hole courses (plus the mirror versions) for you to play and I’m pleased to report that they’re new and not just ports of the PS3 ones.

Everybody’s Golf Review | Bogey Or Birdie?

The challenge mode consists of a large number of tournaments, rewarding you a gold star if you win. Get enough stars and you’ll compete one-to-one against an AI character in real-time, instead of the usual leaderboards. Rather than get bored watching an AI opponent take a shot, it’s a fantastically tense experience as you glare at the screen willing the gods of Epic Fail to strike your opponent down. Seeing the AI shank a drive or miss an easy putt is just ace. As you progress, the tournaments get tougher and may feature different rules such as only having 15 seconds to line up and take a shot or the Mega Cup where the hole is twice as big. Before long, you’ll find yourself playing in rain, strong winds and trying to avoid the never-ending trees, bunkers, buildings and bears. Yes, bears.

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