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From Inception Confirmation To Physical Domination - News Roundup 2nd December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Nolan: Inception Videogame "Moving Forward"

inception news banner

Felix pitched the idea of an Inception film-tie in back in August... and rumours have been circulating for the last couple of months. However, director Christopher Nolan has now confirmed that an Inception game is definitely in the works and is moving forward with a higher priority than a silver screen sequel.

I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place. At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world.

As for [movie] sequels, it’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about. - Nolan to Entertainment Weekly

Apparently this project is "a longer-term proposition"- and we hope that Nolan takes as much time as possible to make it work. And maybe cut down on the grinding nonsensical pseudoscience to focus on more gravity-defying action? We'll let you know more once we can pin down a developer. [EW]

Castlevania LOS Finally Gets PS3 Patch

castlevania los

Hurray! Castlevania Lords Of Shadow has secured positive reviews and reasonable sales, but a terrifying monster lurked within the PS3 version's code. This slavering horror put werewolves and demons to shame, devouring innocent save files with gleeful abandon over the last two months.

Luckily, the Van Helsing of PS3 patches is finally out- and the beast is slain. Enough with the metaphors: the saving glitch should now be fixed. Apparently the original problem was due to "PS3 Pad Interference," whatever that means. [Eurogamer]

Take Two: "Packaged Goods Will Dominate" In Five Years


Take Two Chairman has prophesized that physical, packaged games will still command the majority of the games market in five years time- but even if traditional retail does fail, it won't change the face of games development in a significant way. [GI]

I still think in five years the packaged goods business will dominate. It's kind of irrelevant to us -- basically the same gross margin, basically the same risk.

However, this view isn't shared by a number of industry figures. id Software megamind John Carmack firmly believes that digital distribution is "the wave of the future" and will strangle the life from traditional retail outlets. Not only that, but high street retailers are still petrified by Steam and other digital platforms (as demonstrated by their recent desperate threats to boycott the service).

As consumers, we're just going to have to support the sales platform of our choice. Let is know where your loyalties lie!

Xbox 360 Turns Five Today

xbox 360 cake

The venerable PS2 hit a decade last Wednesday... so pick up your party hat, an unused party popper and the most hygienic slice of cake off of the floor, because it's time for another celebration. The Xbox 360 has turned 5 today in Europe- so, happy birthday and many happy returns! Microsoft's next-gen console has succeeded on levels that the original Xbox could scarecely dream of, cementing their place as bona fide console manufacturers and major players in the console arms race.

So where to go from here? There's no doubt that the 360 is starting to show its age, but with Kinect and a few more exclusives in the offing, it's not going anywhere soon.

Want to share some of your Xbox 360 memories? Fancy weighing in on the future of the console? Have your say in the comments!

From 3DS Specifications To A Video Game's Inception - News Roundup 22nd September 2010

Matt Gardner
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Report: 3DS Tech Specs Have Been Leaked


It would seem that the technical details regarding the hardware inside Nintendo's upcoming portable wonderbox - the 3DS - have been reportedly leaked. An anonymous array of specifications, landing on the doorsteps of IGN, reveals that the machine will be sporting two ARM11 CPUs, one 133Mhz GPU, 4MBs of VRAM, 64MBs of RAM and 1.5GBs of flash storage, which is a massive step up from the DSi's 256MB. With that amount of storage room, we might even see an overhaul of Ninty's online service and a renewed emphasis on downloadable content and support.

More impressive, though, is what this report might mean for the system's graphical potential. Previous details had suggested a level of power equivalent to that of the Wii but, if this new information is to be believed, IGN's report more closely likens the graphical processing capabilities to that of a low-resolution Xbox 360.

We managed to get hands on with the 3DS a month or two back and we're highly impressed with the system's potential. Working off of the back of the DS and DSi's enormous successes, the 3DS always had some big shoes to fill but, on the evidence of this report, it looks like it's certainly got the potential to pack a punch in the next generation portable market. With the PSP2 reportedly showcasing some impressive power too, though, it'll almost certainly come down to the games. Let's hope Sony can bring their A game to this particular battle. [GamesIndustry.biz]

Ninja Theory: Original Dante 'Isn't Cool Any More'

Apparently, the new Devil May Cry aims to bring back the cool. Confirmed last week, along with a bit of a stylised revamp, Dante's new dark-haired, moodier look took a few people by surprise. Actually, that's putting it a bit mildly. Lots of fans immediately began angrily berating the design decision, including original creator Hideki Kamiya.

But Ninja Theory's lead creative Tameem Antoniades is of the opinion that the series is out of touch and out of date and needs to change with the times:

It’s about Dante being cool and making you feel cool when you’re playing it, and so the combat and the style system and everything is integral to that [...] But, you know, what was cool [9] years ago [...] isn’t cool any more.

If Dante, dressed as he was, walked into any bar outside of Tokyo, he’d get laughed out. What Devil May Cry did when it launched was it brought everything that was great about action cinema like the fashion, music – it was like a cultural melting pot – and I feel like now, for Devil May Cry to have that same impact, it needs to draw on new things.

New music, new ways of cinematography, new fashion.

Antoniades didn't stop there either, hitting back at Kamiya's criticism with a remark regarding the latter's most recent game Bayonetta:

I love [Bayonetta]. I think it’s awesome. It’s taken everything – it’s just gone to a total extreme.

But in terms of, ‘Do I think it’s cool?’ No, not at all. I think it’s caricatured and over-the-top and very ‘Japanesey,’ and for that absurd style it does that really well, but that’s not what I want.

On the one hand, Antoniades has a point and, let's face it, the sales figures for Bayonetta speak for themselves - a game with an exquisite combat interface yet hampered by polarising design choices. But on the other, it could be argued that DMC's refusal to move with trends helped to cultivate its own look, feel and personality. What do you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new DMC gme, stick 'em in the box below! [VG247]

Inception Game Possibly In The Works


A few weeks back, Felix explained exactly why he thought Inception would make for a cracking game and, according to a report in Variety, it seems his dream might be realised. Speaking at a press conference for the movie's release in Rome, Nolan suggested that the difference in medium offered up attractive prospects for exploring much of the ideas in the film, of which there are many:

What we are looking at doing is developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can't fit into a feature film.

That's something we've been talking about and are looking at doing long term, in a couple of years.

Frankly, I could not be more excited about this, provided that Nolan himself is involved as much as possible. We're not talking rushed movie spin-off here, but rather one of Hollywood's most interesting and thought-provoking directors has highlighted gaming as a medium that can do things film can't. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mike Newell!

If this is given the time and money it deserves, it could be utterly fantastic, not to mention a crossover of some cultural significance. [1UP]

Inception: The Videogame - Why It Would Blow Our Minds

Felix Kemp
Features, Inception


As it stands, Inception has earned almost 500 million dollars at the box-office, an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and, although this is conjecture, a few private islands for director Christopher Nolan. I expect soon it'll become very unpopular to like Inception, so I'll ride the wave of optimism until it ends. I loved Inception, and as I was watching, struggling to cling on to that narrative thread woven into the fabric of Nolan's confusing but engrossing dreamscape, I couldn't help but wonder, what would an Inception videogame be like?

Read on, as I foolishly attempt to translate Nolan's spellbinding film into a pitch for a videogame. Beware, spoilers ahoy!

Chapter 1: Saito's Fortress


We'd begin at... the beginning. Cobb's first (or was it?) attempt at stealing secrets from Saito. In order for this to work in the parameters of a videogame, we'd shuffle things around here, with Cobb actually infiltrating the palatial fortress, ducking in and out of the shadows, dropping guards with a hissing bullet from his silenced pistol. Think Splinter Cell, just with Di Caprio, not Ironside.

You reach the vault, only for the twisted memory of your deceased wife, Mal, to sabotage your plans. Mal, throughout Inception: The Game, would be like the classic Capcom boss who keeps turning up for a fight. You'd win the duel, but Mal then takes the kid from Third Rock From The Sun hostage, and you're forced into surrendering. Cue the whole 'dream-world collapsing' sequence, where you must escape from the crumbling fortress as the sea seemingly claims it as its own.

Chapter 2: The Architect


A change of pace, and protagonist, as we switch perspectives to Juno - I mean Ariadne. With Cobb now as your instructor, you must traverse a constantly shifting landscape of winding Escher-like stairways and an entire city that folds on top of itself. For the purposes of the game, you'd be forced to complete routes before they crumble into mere memories behind you, perhaps as a result of Mal's shadow drawing ever closer.

This Chapter would be more reminiscent of Prince of Persia, with a dollop of Little Big Planet, for good measure. Racing down stairways that boggle the mind, navigating an upside-down city, all while summoning bits and pieces of architecture to fill gaps and block off Cobb's subconscious. Saito has since contracted you to perform one last mission, and Ariadne was the last piece of the puzzle.

Chapter 3: Heavy Rain


A cutscene fills us in on the story. We're to invade the mind of an industrialist's son, Fischer, in order to implant an "idea". We're back in control of Cobb, but with the whole team bundled in the car, it could be a co-op mission, as Cobb and co lean out of the swerving, sweeping vehicle and fire shots at Fischer's militarized subconscious. Mal makes an appearance, although in the form of a train.

Saito is then shot, and the team must hole up in an abandoned warehouse. The rest of the mission would be a siege-type sequence, as you must stop the waves of armed subconscious from entering and protect Saito from death. This Chapter could be almost Mass Effectian, as you switch from interrogating Fischer to popping off shots at soldiers.

Click here to go deeper into Felix's thought processes...