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Inside A Star-Filled Sky review

Inside A Star-Filled Sky Review | Indie Infinity

Jonathan Lester
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Platform: PC

Developer: Jason Rohrer

Inside A Star-Filled Sky hails from the quite remarkable and intensely worrying mind of veteran Indie architect Jason Rohrer. His work includes the hybrid freeform adventure Sleep Is Death, but at first glance, this latest effort seems to be distinctly out of character. In fact, it appears to be mainstream.

The WASD keys guide a small, randomly-generated creature around sprawling mazes whilst the mouse allows firepower to be independently targeted. Just like nearly every other 2D shooter on the market. The art design and music is both soothing and deeply attractive, but after a minute or two, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it hasn't managed to rise above the majority of its peers that glut the crowded genre.

And then everything clicks as you undergo a genuinely startling revelation. Inside A Star-Filled Sky is is a truly infinite game... because every enemy, powerup and even the player character is a procedurally-generated level in itself.

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