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Jason Haber

SimCity Interview | Jason Haber On Specialisation & Ultimate Capitalism

Matt Gardner
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SimCity Interview | Jason Haber On Specialisation & Ultimate Capitalism

In the lull created by Bioshock Infinite's absence from every expo and event this year thus far, another game has stepped into the spotlight to take the position of what is possibly our most anticipated game of the next year: SimCity. Every time we see it at a show, it hurts a little bit more to leave it behind, given as we have been, only the briefest amount of hands-on time with the game. GlassBox has impressed us with the ease with which feedback on one's city might be assimilated. A click of a button here, a glance at the shifting data layers, and the screenshot tells you more in one second than ten graphs could.

Our demonstrator at a recent event showcased a town called Roadvania: a city designed to reveal just how easy it is to create complex transport systems, tunnels, bridges, spiralling corkscrews of motorway, interspersed with train tracks, tram lines, waterways, and more. We'd never been quite so excited about roads before. And then our demostrator clicked on a single Sim and, from our position as an ethereal architect we suddenly zoomed down from the macro to the micro, and followed this Sim on his way into work.

SimCity Interview | Jason Haber On Specialisation & Ultimate Capitalism

We followed him throughout the week, noting how he changed his working practices to take the far more convenient bus once a route or two had been set up, and watched as pollution to reflect the fewer cars on the road. At the weekend he skipped town to visit the neighbouring Monte Vegas - a gambling haven - and we watched as the demo's overlord tracked individual tourists, noted the increased happiness in the city, and chuckled as swarming Sims sporting bandit icons were doggedly chased down by police cars coming from an HQ in our Sim's home city.

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