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Kylotonn Games

WRC 5 Review - A dirty old clunker

Brendan Griffiths
Kylotonn Games, Racing Games, WRC 5

WRC 5 Review - A dirty old clunker

Rallying used to be king of the racers in gaming, but just like real rallying, it's seen its audience dwindle to a fraction of the glory days. A fact not helped by Codemasters bastardising their own franchise by unleashing Ken Block's show-ponying over actual racing.

The second wave of WRC titles (Sony had a WRC series on PS2) performed admirably last-gen though, despite always being in the shade of Dirt 2. Milestone were a bit cheeky though, recycling some tracks in their annual release and stripping down the career mode to its bare bones.

WRC 5 Review - A dirty old clunker

This year though, for the series' (and indeed the genre's) next-gen debut, we have Kylotonn Games taking over, a studio whose only other racing title was the critically mauled Motorcycle Club, a game currently rocking a 26 on Metacritic. The good the news is that WRC 5 is much better, the bad news though is that this isn't the new-gen rally game you've been waiting for.

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