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Liberty City

GTA III Ten Year Anniversary Trailer Is Stuffed Full Of Win

Matt Gardner
Anniversary, Grand Theft Auto, GTA III, Liberty City, Rockstar

GTA III Ten Year Anniversary Trailer Is Stuffed Full Of Win

It's almost hard to believe that it's been ten years since GTA III. I recall a feeling of nervous apprehension mingled with barely contained excitement as the series made the jump from its top-down, 2D roots into something far more expansive and ambitious, and Rockstar never really looked back. Dan Houser has already spoken about how the development team almost didn't go with New York as a template for their groundbreaking open-world environment, but it had to be the Big Apple really. It's just a shame that so many games following it have resolutely jumped on the NY bandwagon.

Without GTA III, though there would not have been a Vice City or San Andreas. The open-world, sandbox genre might never have exploded quite as stupendously as it did. GTA III remains, to this day, one of the modern benchmarks of game development, a thoroughly enjoyable title even a decade on, and a towering achievement pinned upon this industry's timeline.

To celebrate that fact, Rockstar have put together a little video. And it's just a little spectacular.

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