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MotoGP 10/11 Review | Solid...If You Like This Sort of Thing

Neil Davey
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Platforms: XBOX 360 (version tested) | PS3

Developer: Monumental

Publisher: Capcom

Straw poll. Should MotoGP be reviewed by a racing game addict? Or is the more neutral opinion more valid?

It seems vaguely appropriate to paraphrase Speed when considering the pros – or otherwise – of Capcom’s latest instalment in the MotoGP series. The impression of, er, speed is certainly well handled here but as one in the latter camp – look, I just prefer guns and lasers and deliberate car crashes in my racing titles, alright? – I’m not sure there’s enough to make me come back night after night for “just one more go”. Fans, however, will probably love it, particularly the geekily adjustable Career Mode. Whether that then makes me the perfect reviewer for this or the worst possible one is obviously debatable but I will try to be fair. Promise.


Part of the problem – well, perhaps the imagined problem – is that the sorts of detail that appeal to racing sim worshippers and the sort of racing game I like are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s thus hard to shake the feeling that MotoGP should wholeheartedly embrace the sim crowd and ignore the neutrals, rather than this slightly uncomfortable attempt to blend realism and arcade fun. While it’s all clearly pretty well done, there’s a spark missing here, that little engaging moment that makes you love it all regardless, something that Forza 3 managed to do really quite well - appealling to both hardcore petrolheads and arcade racers.

On that basis, it’s probably best to skip over the arcade bit (alright, easy to pick up, difficult to master but with very little appeal for this casual race gamer) and focus on the meat of MotoGP: Career mode.

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MotoGP 09/10 £24.85 @ ShopTo.Net [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Games deals, MotoGP, PS3 games, Racing Games
Playstation 3

motogp-0910-box-smTraditionally, Moto GP titles have never been the most accessible racing games. If you didn’t adhere to strict break points and anticipate corners for early turns, you’d find yourself sliding through a sea of gravel at almost every tight corner. But although Monumental’s Moto GP 09/10 is a little more approachable than its predecessors, the series has lost some edge compared to previous editions. The handling is a little too sturdy and much of the game’s most interesting content has to be painstakingly unlocked.

However the superb racing experience does go a long way in compensating the player for these drawbacks. So if you’re eager for that Moto GP adrenaline fix, 09/10 is certainly up to the job. It’s currently going for £24.85 on Shopto.Net in a deal which undercuts the competition by a good few quid (the next best price comes in at £27.49 from Powerplay Direct).

Monumental have attempted to revert back to something more traditional in 09/10. They have alleviated much of the complexity of control by opting for the classic right trigger to accelerate, left trigger to break over the twin stick system seen in previous editions. However the game still provides enough of a challenge to be satisfying. You have to pay close attention to the racing line (a feature which some reviewers describe as one of 09/10’s greatest achievements).

Bike handling is a bit of a let down however as even the 800cc models can withstand some extreme punishment on the track without faltering. And while it’s nice not to eat gravel every five seconds, the whole experience can become slightly mundane. The actual racing is great though, and the AI does a good job of heightening the sense of competition with a mixture of chivalry and aggression. The most annoying thing about the game is the fact you have to complete two lengthy campaign modes before unlocking the 800cc tier which seems like an unnecessary and a slightly unreasonable chore.

Thanks to QenTox from Hotukdeals.

MotoGP 06 £4.23 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
MotoGP, Sports Games, Xbox 360 games
Xbox 360


Motorbike enthusiasts rev your engines, as Amazon is offering MotoGP 06 for just £4.23, an excellent price for fans, or for customers seeking to fill their basket!

Spun around a price-comparison, Amazon’s offer for MotoGP lapped the competition as the cheapest around, with a two-pound saving! MotoGP 06 was among the first of the next-generation vehicle racers, and it impressed critics enough to earn an 80/100 on MetaCritic, with 1UP praising it as “great to look at and fun to play”.

In MotoGP 06, budding bikers compete in Grand Prix motorcycle racing events, with the 2006 roster of riders, bikes and tracks, along with the previous years. A new season mode has been implemented, where you compete in a variety of challenges, earning points, rep and currency to upgrade and purchase new equipment and bikes. The developers updated the engine to next-generation standards, especially the lighting, so the sun-baked asphalt and gleaming metal appear as realistic as possible.

In the previous MotoGP games, up to 16 racers could compete online. Now, however, 20 bikers with frothing engines and revving gears can race around the track, zipping in between rivals, skidding around abrupt corners and bends, and gunning it towards the finish line.

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