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Muramasa: Demon Blade £14.99 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

Lydia Low
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Muramasa Demon Blade £14.99 @ Amazon [Wii Games] photo

This Wii exclusive action RPG is bright, beautiful and not at all bad.

Amazon have just reduced their price for Muramasa to £14.99, a great bargain that matches what HMV are asking but with stock actually available to buy. This saves you around £8.50 against the next best price of £23.47 from Tesco Entertainment.

Players take on the both role of Momohime, the young kunoichi princess of Narukami Han who has been possessed by the wicked warrior Jinkuro Izuna and therefore has had to leave her home and head on a journey westwards, and of Kisuke, a ninja on the run thanks to a crime he cannot remember committing. The story is fairly sparse and confusing but the dual viewpoints help to fill in gaps and keep things interesting.

It is hard to overstate how beautiful this game is. It is one of those titles that fuel the idea of video games as art and offers truly breath-taking 2D visuals that will astound you time and time again. This is accompanied and complemented by almost equally beautiful audio design though the Japanese voice acting is a factor that players are just as likely to hate as they are to love.

Lovely as Muramasa is  to look at, good visuals do not a great game make. Thankfully there are also some excellent boss battles and gameplay is generous fast and fun. However if you're not a massive fan of the combat, which isn't the best being a little too basic and repetitive, then you may feel a little at a loss for things to do with the game.

Thanks to Phobos at Hotukdeals!