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Who needs all these new-fangled games? Get an N64 & Goldeneye for £54.99

Jonathan Lester
N64, N64 Games

Who needs all these new-fangled games? Get an N64 & Goldeneye for £54.99

We always like to be on the cutting edge, but you can't forget the greats. If you fancy going retro, seeing what all the fuss was about or just bringing something incredibly awesome to your next local multiplayer session, you can now buy an N64 with Goldeneye 007, controller and all the cabling for just £54.99 boxed.

It's used, naturally, but the seller is reputable and the hardware is tested. You'll need to grab another controller (preferably three more) for the full deathmatch experience though!

SEGA more your speed? You can pick up a used Dreamcast for £49.99, though these are a dicier pre-owned proposition as the lasers can be jogged out of alignment or require calibration. Have a great weekend!

PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia Trip

Matt Gardner
Amiga, B'z, Doom, Dragon's Dogma, Game Boy, Into Free -Dangan-, N64, NES, Nostalgia, PC, Podcast, PWNCAST, Quake, Retro, SEGA Mega Drive, Sid Meier's Civilization, SNES, Wolfenstein, ZX Spectrum

PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia Trip

In this week's PWNCAST, at ODB's suggestion, we take a look back at the games and consoles that we loved when we were younger. We chat about the titles that got us into gaming in the first place, and take pride of place in our fond memories of days gone by and simpler times.

That's all after we talk about Dragon's Dogma, Carl waxes lyrical about his new PC rig and the latest MMO beta weekends, and we look at Nintendo's rather exciting post-E3 presentation.

PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18, Recorded: June 22nd, 2012

Music| B'z: Into Free -Dangan- (BUY IT HERE!!!)

Some of the things that get covered this week:

  • Dragon's Dogma
  • Why more awesome action RPGs need a kickass J-Rock soundtrack
  • Guild Wars 2/The Secret World beta weekends
  • Nintendo Direct: Namco Smash Bros., 3DS XL
  • Our first games
  • The halcyon days of the Spectrum and Amiga
  • Fondest early gaming memories
  • Our first FPS games
  • Favourite games of all time

...and much, much more.

This week in particular, we'd like you to get involved. Let us know what your favourite games of all time are, the games that had the biggest impact on you, and pop a nostalgic anecdote or two in the comments below.

We'll maybe even hand out a prize for our favourite.

Finally, do please keep writing in to [email protected] with requests, feedback, and topics you'd like to hear discussed. We've already had one or two (a tip of the cap to ODB for this week's topic), and we'd love to hear more.

Also, buy the Dragon's Dogma theme. Seriously.

Parental Advisory: We've tried to keep it as conversational and informal as possible, and you should be warned that there may be quite a few instances of strong language.

Click below to play the file, or right click on the banner at the top, and select 'Save Link As' to download the file onto your hard drive.

Want more? Check out the rest of our PWNCAST posts onsite, hit us up on iTunes, or subscribe to the PWNCAST Feed here.

PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia Trip PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia TripPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia TripPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia TripPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 18 – Nostalgia Trip

Top Ten Tuesdays | Console Controllers

Jonathan Lester
Controllers, DualShock, N64, peripherals, Steel Battalion, Top Ten, Top Ten Tuesdays, Xbox 360

Making great games and creating powerful hardware is all well and good, but without peripherals, the whole thing is entirely pointless. Controllers connect us to our games; to the virtual worlds, characters and action presented by over four decades of hard work.

It's about time we gave the all-important controllers their dues,  so for your delectation, here's our vote for the ten most innovative, most influential and plain best console peripherals ever made. As always, it's open to debate and discussion, so we can't wait to hear what you make of it!

10: Dreamcast Controller

Top Ten Tuesdays | Console Controllers

The Dreamcast came bundled with a controller that was years ahead of its time, mainly due to the innovative Virtual Memory Units that were memory cards, Tamigotchis and a secondary UI rolled into one.

Unfortunately, SEGA were too busy innovating to remember that controllers have to be comfortable as well. The weighting was inadequate (front-heavy with a VMU and too light without)... and more importantly, its dorsal skis start to feel like vicious steel blades after extended play sessions.

9: Kinect/Playstation Move

Top Ten Tuesdays | Console Controllers

Kinect and the Playstation Move are nifty bits of kit. The accuracy and precision of Sony's peripheral cannot be denied... and Kinect is about to create a legacy in advanced robotics and allowing autistic children a new way to engage with computers.

At present, though, these two peripherals are both struggling to prove their relevance to one key audience: us gamers. This list may well look very different in a year's time, but for now, there's a long road ahead.

Click here to continue reading this week's Top Ten!

GoldenEye 007 Hands On Preview: Second Opinion

Neil Davey
Activision, Games previews, Goldeneye, James Bond, N64, Wii games


The living room of the average games reviewer is not a tidy one. You’ve got all the major consoles. You’ve very possibly got a debug console or three. You’ve got controllers spilling out of drawers plus assorted other peripherals taking up cupboard space.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is if you’re married / in a long term relationship / sharing a flat. For me (option one) it means a generally tolerated bit of mayhem. It also means that all the new kit arriving meant a teary farewell to a much loved console and one legendary, much played game. The console consigned to fate? The N64. The legendary, much played – and now much missed – game? Goldeneye.


I have friends who still talk of 36 hour multiplayer sessions EVERY weekend for a year. I have another who made his housemate confiscate his N64 a week before finals when he realised playing James Bond might cost him his degree. I have yet another who’s long emigrated but still bears a (I think) joking grudge for the night I managed to blow him time after time with a missile launcher.

The news then that Goldeneye was to be revamped for the Wii was met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, the chance to relive some of those days was as exciting as exciting gets to us couch potatoes. On the other... what’s that line about the past being a different country? The announcement that it was to be a reinvention and now feature Daniel Craig’s gritty Bond was also a little worrying. Yes, there’s a need to bring it up to date but have a little heart chaps!


Now though, in one of those days that makes the intermittent pay and irregular hours all worthwhile, I’ve had a chance to have a little play on the new title (come on, who wants to touch me?). I’ve also had a bit of a chat with some of the people involved. The result is I’m quite pathetically excited about the day in November a finished copy drops through my door.

GoldenEye 007 is ranking high Neil's wishlist. Click here to find out why.