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The Difficult 2nd Bundle | ~£2.00 | Indie Royale | PC

Jonathan Lester
Fate Of The World, Indie Games, NightSky, PC games, Scoregasm, Time Gentlemen Please
The Difficult 2nd Bundle | ~£2.00 | Indie Royale | PC
  • What: The Difficult 2nd Bundle (five great indie games!)
  • Where: Indie Royale
  • Current Price: ~£2.00

Indie Royale have kicked off their second bundle... and it's a bit of a blinder. You'll get Fate Of The World, Scoregasm, NightSky, Time Gentlemen Please! and Been There, Dan That for an incredibly low price, and they're all fantastic games.

However, the price tag will constantly fluctuate as more people get involved (it's already risen by a couple of pence during the time it's taken me to write this deal), so get in early!