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Naruto Shippunden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review: Button-Mash-no-Jutsu!

Carl Phillips
Button mashing, Fighting Games, Games reviews, Naruto Shippunden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Ninjas


Platforms: Xbox 360 / PS3

Developer: CyberConnect2

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

It’s time to concentrate your shakra and ready your shuriken as Naruto Shippunden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (and for the sake of your eyes I’ll be referring to is as Naruto Storm 2 from this point on) is here. Naruto was one of those animes I never really got into (I was more of a Full Metal Alchemist fan) but I was aware of the exploits of the little ninja from Hidden Leaf Village, demon imprisoned within him and all. Fans of the series will know of the huge universe of characters within the manga/anime and will be pleased to know that they all feature in the game. But is there an exciting experience beneath the Japanese animation or is it essentially an interactive fan service? There’s only one way I was going to find out; I was going to have to get my ninja on.

And by that I mean mash my control pad’s buttons. A lot.

Developed by Cyber Connect 2 (the minds behind the PS2 series .hack) the game is, at its heart, a 3D arena fighting game in which there are only two characters fighting at once. In typical Tekken-esque you have health metres at the top and using varying skills of each character you unleash the hurt on your opponent. Variation comes with the use of items that come in the form of weapons to turn the tide of the battle or abilities to improve your defence or attack (as well as lower your opponent’s stats.) The arenas take inspiration from locations from the anime with 23 choices in total (although some are the same location set in the afternoon or night, which doesn’t really change anything… except the mood lighting perhaps.)


Does this ninja star hit the target or completely miss? Find out after the jump...