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Onslaught Mode

XBLA Roundup: Meaty Deals & Bad Company!

Jonathan Lester
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Battlefield: Bad Company 2


This week's Xbox Live Gold-exclusive deal was voted for by you all last month... so by popular demand, two Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC packs have received a substantial price drop. Note that the PC online marketplace is still recovering from today's upgrade, so things might be a little touch-and-go for a while. As always, click the links to check out or download the offers, and remember that Gold Members will need to log in to access the lower price!

Super Meat Boy Debut & Deal

super meat boy logo

Super Meat Boy is this week's freshest new XBLA offering. This hardcore platformer already cooks up major value for money with a huge number of levels and snubs Microsoft's money-grabbing DLC policies by guaranteeing free DLC map packs for the duration... but they've also opted for an interesting inverse deal. Usually games debut at an inflated price and eventually receive a price cut, but Super Meat Boy has been released at a discounted 800 Microsoft Points that will eventually increase to 1200 next month. My advice? Take advantage of this reverse deal now! Many thanks to Erik for dropping us the inside scoop, and flimflam at Hot UK Deals for getting there before we did.

Also On XBLA: Costume Quest & Dream Chronicles

Costume Quest is Double Fine's first foray into downloadable games, and the first of the "smaller" projects that Tim Schafer's studio decided to implement. It's a Halloween-themed adventure that lets us don magical costumes to rescue our kidnapped sibling. Wacky, fun and unmistakeably Double Fine.

Finally, Dream Chronicles has also been released. This PC adventure has been adapted for XBLA with a new cooperative mode and a lick of paint, providing plenty of Puzzles and an attractive art style.

Click the links to check out the free trials!