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Origo Games

So Many Me Review | Me Me Me Me Me Me Myself & I

Jonathan Lester
Extend Studio, Origo Games, OUYA games, PC games, Platformer, Puzzle games

So Many Me Review | Me Me Me Me Me Me Myself & I

Platforms: PC (reviewed) | OUYA

Developer: Extend Studio

Publisher: Origo Games

Wouldn't it be useful to have seven clones at your beck and call?  That way you could attend four different day jobs and still have doppelgängers left over for a full house of Mario Kart multiplayer. Decades of science fiction tells us that nothing can possibly go wrong with that plan. No sir.

Anyway, as a certain maniacal Agent once famously said: "the best thing about being me... there are so many MEs." In this case I'm a small green blob called Filo, tasked with saving a cheerful cartoon world in puzzly platform style. Foes need stomping, switches need pressing, bottomless pits need jumping and collectibles demand snaffling; a daunting task for a tiny gelatinous globule.

Or at least it would be if a run-in with a mysterious cosmic entity hadn't granted Filo the ability to control a small army of clones and transform them into useful platforms. And dinosaurs. And rocket-launching hovertanks.

So Many Me Review | Me Me Me Me Me Me Myself & I

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