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Phosphor Games

Nether Review | LayZ

Jonathan Lester
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Nether Review | LayZ

Platform: PC

Developer: Phosphor Games

Publisher: Nether Productions

I'd love to compare Nether to Fallout 3,  STALKER or even Enemy Territory, but let's face facts: it's DayZ. Only shinier.

Which is to say that Phosphor Games developed another 'being shot in the back of the head by griefers simulator.' Zombies have been replaced by teleporting monsters (good luck escaping those) and there's a sprawling city to explore for supplies to replenish your dwindling hunger gauge, eking out a meagre living in a post-apocalyptic urban hellhole. You'll cobble together crude firearms, battle monstrosities and painstakingly gain character levels. And then get shot in the back of a head by a griefer. Repeat.

Nether Review | LayZ

However, these murderous fellow survivors aren't making tough choices about whether it's acceptable to kill to survive. They're not even evil or depraved. They're just bored. Despite early potential, Nether is sadly half-cooked in almost every way, meaning that there isn't really anything to do after a handful of bleak and admittedly atmospheric hours.

Beyond finding a rifle, pointing it at the safe zone exit and wrangling yourself some newbies. To be honest, I can't say I blame them.

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