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Q-Games Hoping For "A Resurgence In Core Gaming" Next-Gen

Matt Gardner
Dylan Cuthbert, Microsoft, Next-gen, Nintendo, Pixeljunk, Q-Games, Wii U

Q-Games Hoping For "A Resurgence In Core Gaming" Next-Gen

Q-Games' studio president Dylan Cuthbert has cast his eye forward in a new interview to the next console generation, and the Pixeljunk developer is hoping that "core gaming" will make a resurgence -- that is to say innovative games that can sell "for more than a dollar".

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PixelJunk Shooter Review [PSN]

Brendan Griffiths
Games reviews, Pixeljunk, Playstation network

pixeljunk-shooter 540px

Dealspwn Rating: 9/10

Platform: PSN (PS3)

Developer: Q-Games

Publisher: SCEE

There are already a large number of 2D shooters on the PSN Store, but the genre hopping Pixeljunk series from Q-Games has beaten them all with their first shot at the title. PixelJunk Shooter is a compelling game designed with a distinctive, simple, full-coloured style and perfectly balanced gameplay.

Movement is handled using the left analogue stick with wonderfully smooth and reliable controls that work well at high and low speeds. The objective of each level is to rescue the stranded humans by aiming with the right stick and firing your grabber with L1. Your weapons are fired the same way with R1 instead, so you can imagine some early ‘incidents’ that took place there. Picking up the last (surviving) person opens the gate to the next area.

Enemies start off as simple bats, but soon enough you’ll come across spinning rock burrowers, a variety of organic turrets and mini erupting volcanoes. As well as your basic bullets you can hold down the fire button to release powerful homing rockets. These will overheat your ship though. Get too hot and you’ll need to take a cooling breather or you’ll explode. Dipping into a pool of water will do it quicker.

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