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Pre-purchase bonus

Evolve's desperate pre-purchase bonuses are monstrously worrying

Matt Gardner
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Evolve's desperate pre-purchase bonuses are monstrously worrying

I hate pre-order bonuses.

We complained about games releasing buggy and broken last year, moaning about the plethora of half-baked, pitiful excuses and the all-too-visible corporate policy of certain companies that was haemorrhaging into their titles. But we were all to blame, all of us complicit in the burgeoning, ubiquitous pre-order culture that allows companies to make budget projections far in advance, and then screw over whoever and whatever they need to in order to hit their projected deadlines.

Pre-order bonuses, of course, have been the sweetener, the bait for the early adopter. Invest early you blind fool, companies have said, and get free DLC, get free customisation items, enjoy these perks that you can't get anywhere else. It has been galling and miserable to watch, and it has been depressingly effective. We wondered aloud just how much more will be snipped off of games to allow for this duplicitous process, how many more features fenced off and restricted to those willing to stump up cash early and pay to play something they've no idea is any good or not.

Enter Evolve, a game clearly desperate for attention.

Evolve's desperate pre-purchase bonuses are monstrously worrying

You have to feel sorry in a way for Turtle Rock. They game they built fell off of the map last year and missed its planned release date. The Big Alpha was a big mess, with dubious netcode issues, and plentiful worries about balancing and longevity. Where's the rest of the game, people asked, and rightly so. Then they realised that they hadn't actually shown people why on Earth this thing deserved it's full price, and finally unleashed a barrage of information explaining how there were more characters, more monsters, more modes, and more reasons to play... hopefully.

Here's the thing, though. To use those new characters and the Wraith without grinding, you'll have to pre-purchase the game. Not pre-order... pre-purchase.

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