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From the Michael Jackson Experience to Plants vs Zombies Mystery - News Roundup 10th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Michael Jackson Game Titled and Detailed


Ubisoft's E3 Press Event brought us the grim exciting news that a Michael Jackson dancing game is on the way- and they've finally decided to give it a name. Entitled Michael Jackson: The Experience (no jokes, I beg you), this multiplatform title is set to utilise each platform's peripherals in a unique way.

The Kinect version is slated to project a 3D image of the player onto the screen (in order that you can see what you're doing... and to make sure that you don't moonwalk into anything breakable), whereas the Wii version is said to function as a traditional rhythm game along the lines of Elite Beat Agents. There's no word yet as to how the PS3 version will function, but it's been confirmed to utilise the Move controller and a microphone for a dedicated singing feature. Personally I hope that it's a next-gen Moonwalker revival... but that's just me.

Blizzard Backs Out of Real ID


For those who've been following the World of Warcraft scene this past week, Blizzard recently came up with the controversial plan of forcing the use of real names on the Battle.net forums... and was met by a massive (and well-deserved) surge of opposition. Predictably, Blizzard has now U-turned on the decision after the potential dangers of identity theft and online crime was brought to their attention in a big way.

The violent and intense backlash from Blizzard forum dwellers culminated in Bobby Kotick's personal information being plastered all over the site in order to demonstrate how easy it is to research addresses, phone numbers and family details. On a slightly more malicious note, a forum mod who signed up to the real ID scheme has had his school history, employment history and even information about his family splashed all over the place. I personally don't entirely approve of the means by which the aggrieved fans made their point... but it has effectively demonstrated the weakness in the Real ID scheme. The end justifies the means, I suppose. [Blizzard]

Popcap Tease Plants vs Zombies 2 or Console Release?


A mysterious piece of PopCap artwork has been doing the rounds today, depicting a decaying zombie hand clutching an enigmatic sign. Using a blend of guile, experience and good old fashioned detective work (and... you know ... the picture of the golden gate bridge and S.F. initials right there in the corner) we've deduced that something involving zombies will be occurring on August 2nd in San Francisco. Naturally, this has got to be an announcement of Plants vs Zombies 2 (the sequel to their wildly successful tower defence phenomenon) or a release of the original for home consoles.

We love PopCap here at Dealspwn, and we'll be keeping a close eye on San Fran early next month. And yes, we'll be wearing ribbons in our hair. Or our brainless bleeding scalps if our plant defences are breached. [Thanks, PC Gamer]

DeathSpank Trailer Demos Epic Weapons


DeathSpank, the action RPG from legendary games developer Ron Gilbert, will be hitting XBLA and PSN next week... and frankly we can't wait. To get you in the mood and introduce you to Ron's trademark humour (that fueled the likes of the Monkey Island series), the latest trailer details the epic weapons that you;'ll be wielding on you quest.

I won't spoil it for you. Enjoy.