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Recoil Games

Rochard Review | Manic Asteroid Miner

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games, Platformer, PS3 games, Puzzle games, Recoil Games

Rochard Review | Manic Asteroid Miner

Platforms: PS3 | PC (Reviewed)

Developer: Recoil Games

Sony's 'Only On PSN' promotion has resulted in some truly exceptional downloadable games... though it isn't exactly accurate any more. Rochard and Sideway: New York have both released on Steam over the last few days, which means that a whole new audience can enjoy their very different takes on the platforming genre. While Playbrains went all-out to innovate in reckless and untested ways, Recoil Games have honed and polished the physics-based puzzle format into a staggeringly impressive package.

Nothing ever goes right for ornery asteroid miner John Rochard. His team haven't found Turbinium - the most valuable element in the universe -  for years. His equipment is failing across the board. His company has given him a week to put up or ship out. And not to put too fine a point on things, he's not getting any thinner. However, after a mysterious find deep within their latest dig site threatens to finally put him on easy street, things go from bad to cataclysmic when hostile space pirates blow their way into the facility. Armed with little more than a cargo lifter and raw cunning, the unlikely hero sets out to save his team, save his station and maybe make it out alive in the process.
Rochard Review | Manic Asteroid Miner

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