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Rusty Hearts

Perfect World Unveils Blacklight: Retribution & Free To Play Titles

Jonathan Lester
Blacklight: Retribution, Blacklight: Tango Down, Free to play, Perfect World, RaiderZ, Rusty Hearts

blacklight retribution

Perfect World, the free-to-play MMO outfit who recently acquired Cryptic Studios (Champions Online, Star Trek Online), has announced that they'll be bringing three new F2P games to this year's E3. Rusty Hearts and RaiderZ are set to be interesting new takes on the massively multiplayer formula... but most excitingly of all, they'll be publishing the sequel to Zombie's Blacklight: Tango Down as a microtransaction-driven FPS. Expect mechs, enhanced hyper reality and more customisation options than you can shake a holographic scoped shotgun at. Full details after the jump.

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