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Sauropod Studio

Castle Story Gets First Video, RTS-Voxels Mashup Awaits

Matt Gardner
Castle Story, PC games, Sauropod Studio, Trailers, Videos, Voxels

We rather enjoy blending genres. So what would happen, one might say, if you stuck Minecraft, Foretresscraft, Crush the Castle and Age of Empires in a blender. Well the result might come out a bit like this - the first game from small indie studio (there are only two guys running the show) Sauropod Studio. Castle Story takes place in a much prettier, smoother and more artistically polished world than some of the previous voxel-based titles we've seen of late, encouraging players to build themselves fine fortifications on flying islands...and then try to demolish those of others.

We're intrigued, and we've contacted the studio for further details, you can check out their first developer demo vid above in the meantime.