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A Quick Word About Review Scores... And Why They Don't Matter

Jonathan Lester
Reviews, Scores, Stars

A Quick Word About Review Scores... And Why They Don't Matter

Reviewing games is one of the most important things we do here at Dealspwn - hopefully empowering our readers with the knowledge they need to make an informed buying decision. However, many gaming sites (us included) frequently come under fire for the little number we put at the end.

Guys, look. Review scores are primarily aimed at publishers and developers who rely on the data as the only quantitative measure of a game's quality as opposed to raw sales figures. Shareholders and executives are driven by raw numbers - it's all they understand. We put great pains into making sure that our review scores are as representative and accurate as possible, using a strict set of marking criteria behind the scenes.

But you guys aren't a spreadsheet or an algorithm. You're unique individuals whose gaming preferences are based on your own gaming experience and tastes. A number can't take that into account. We painstakingly write thousands of words that are designed to give you as broad a look as possible into the game in question, as well as pros and cons that sum it up. This is the important bit; this is the bit that matters. To gamers, a score should be just a number - and if it's above 5, you should probably check it out, read around and see if it will appeal to you. In effect, the scores shouldn't matter... and they're definitely not worth taking too seriously.