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Jonas | £2.86 | ShopTo | DS

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo DS

I'll level with you: this game is a piece of crap. Jonas is the worst kind of cash in, relying on the inexplicable love that young girls seem to have for some abstinent androgynous pukes to flog a few copies. It's actually based on a sitcom that's itself based on the Jonas Brothers - and is broken, boring and downright creepy in parts.

But here's the thing. It also happens to be all kinds of cheap; making it a perfect stocking filler for a fan of the show (your kids, perhaps?) or as a joke present for someone you don't like.

From McGee's Shovel Love to Remastered PS2 Classics - News Roundup 28th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
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American McGee: Kinect Shovelware is The Way Forward


Whilst our recent Game Buzz savagely laid into Kinect's marketing machine and launch lineup, it appears that the potential for half-assed shovelware is getting a few people excited. And the leader of the charge might surprise you. Famed developer American McGee (of Alice and id fame) has spoken out in defence of...well... half-assed shovelware.

"Shovelware plague? If a “plague” brought with it success and riches beyond my wildest dreams I’d hardly deride it."

Nor would I think of altering the plague in hopes of re-creating that success the came with it. If plague equals success, then more plague, please! Makes me wonder… are they launching a platform or an ideal?"

The Wii certainly proved (at least, for a while) that shovelware can shift consoles- but I'm personally unsure about whether following in Nintendo's footsteps is the right idea for Microsoft's exciting new platform. After all, Nintendo already has the target audience firmly in their camp- and it's up to Kinect to cater for a slightly more mature and demanding class of gamer in my opinion. [Now Gamer]

The ball's in your court, folks. After all, your money is going to decide whether Kinect succeeds or falls by the wayside! Is shovelware a good business model? Is it even a good thing? Have your say in the comments!

Nintendo 3DS Will Be Released Next Year. Maybe.


After several reputable retailers suggested a holiday season release, Nintendo's top brass has spoken out to confirm that the 3DS will be hitting stores next year instead. Whilst we currently believe that Japan will receive the 3DS in time for Christmas, the official line is that Europe and the States will have to wait until March.

However, some fairly solid rumours are still abounding about whether Reggie's actually on the level with his projected 2011 release date. Apparently several Ninty sources are still convinced that the 3DS will be ready for a holiday release. Watch this space! [Gamesindustry]

More HD PS2 Games Headed to PS3


Sony polled a few regulars while back to see whether we'd be interested in seeing more reskinned and revamped versions of PS2 classics on the PS3. Turns out that yes, yes we would. A thousand times yes. SCE President Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that a concerted is now currently in the works.

"So we are looking to continue to do these HD conversions. We are looking into ways how we can deliver the PS2 library to PS3 consumers, but were are not ready to announce anything yet."

Short, to the point and refreshingly free of non-denials and management speak. This is happening. Currently, Sony have announced that The Sly Cooper Collection's in the works... and Team ICO's almost certainly got an HD ICO and Shadow of the Colossus pack in the offing. It's about time. [IGN]

So, what old-school classics do you want to be given a new lease of HD life? I can think of a fair few myself...and please remember that FFVII was on the original Playstation. I'd be happy with Zone of the Enders and a Gran Turismo collection myself...

Game Buzz 4: The Sea Of Mediocrity

Matt Gardner
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Game Buzz

I walked into Gamestation today and, as a Wii owner, I thought I'd check to see if there were any games on offer that I might consider buying. Most other platforms have their big hitters powerfully arrayed on maximum display, with the odd little disappointment cowering away at the bottom of a bargain bin, but the Wii is different. I tried to find something worthwhile, I tried to strain my eyes to see past the dazzling screen of crap in front of me but, much like a magic eye picture, it was just a colourful mess that made absolutely no sense forcing me to squint really hard and give myself a migraine.

There is a reason for this: over 80% of the titles released for the Wii have been cynical cash-ins on trends that Nintendo have started themselves, exploited in a short amount of time for no money at all and rushed in and out of production faster than it takes Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee to have a w*nk. The advent of motion-control has guaranteed two things: a wider audience and developer laziness.

I alluded to this in my guest post for Cubed3 last month, noting that there are immense difficulties for third party developers for the Wii precisely because of the wider audience: how can you anticipate how well you're game is going to do if you have no real idea of who the hell you're aiming at? It's very easy to point out the must-own games on the Wii because (surprise, surprise!) they're pretty much all Nintendo titles, but then Nintendo's hallmark has always been creating games that might arguably be considered universal in their appeal. Unfortunately, the third party tactic seems to have been to chuck whatever they had lying around at the Wii and see which ones stuck, or simply attempt to copy Nintendo's painstaking R&D quality testing and lengthy game production with a quick, cheap rip-off.

With the Wii market saturated with so much shovelware, it's difficult for genuinely fine games to stand out. Swimming in a sea full of sh*t is difficult: it takes forever to get where your going, and in the end no-one wants to be around you anyway because you've emerged tainted, pungent and mucky and all of your hard work has been for nothing because now you're covered in the stuff and people can't tell the difference from your awesome self and pile of dung from whence you came.

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