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Why We Love... Rocket Riot! Rocket Riot!

Jonathan Lester
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why we love

A few days ago, Dealspwn ground to a halt as us writers clustered around the warm, colourful glow of Rocket Riot. You might have expected us to have been enjoying the anarchic multiplayer modes of Codeglue's spectacular XBLA debut - or collaborating in a tense cooperative attempt to get ourselves its coveted You Can Handle The Riot achievement. Hell, you might have just expected my colleagues to be admiring how crap I am at the rugby challenges.

But no. We were listening to the Rocket Riot theme tune. Over... and over... and over again. Whilst dancing around like idiots.

rocket riot music banner

Let me explain. Rocket Riot boasted an impeccable nu-retro style in every aspect of its presentation; including lavish sprites and destructible cover made from thousands of independent pixel blocks (bloxels?). But when it came to the soundtrack, SonicPicnic worked their little dutch socks off to create a truly exceptional set of musical interludes. Mixing classic chiptune vibes with pumping electronica was a great fit for the game - but when it comes right down to it, the theme is one of the most impressive pieces of videogame composition we've ever heard.

Check it out (and legally download it) here. Hey, Jack Wall? Marty O'Donnell? You know that new sound you've been looking for? Well listen to this!

Here we go now, hold on tight. Rocket Riot! Rocket Riot! >>