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PlayStation Mobile Review Highlights | Aqua Kitty, Fuel Tiracas, Rebel, Twist Pilot & Super Crate Box

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation Mobile Review Highlights | Aqua Kitty, Fuel Tiracas, Rebel, Twist Pilot & Super Crate Box

PlayStation Mobile is out now on Vita and select Android devices, allowing developers to easily deliver their games onto new platforms and us consumers to make merry as indie games fall like rain. Plus, hey, it's always nice to have something to play on our pricey Sony handhelds.

I personally feel that PlayStation Mobile is a uniquely forward-thinking venture that could grow into a massive new marketplace, ripe with potential for developers and gamers alike (so long as it's handled properly, see also: XBLIG). For now, however, we're going to focus on five notable games from the launch lineup and discuss whether or not they're worth buying on Vita.

Spoiler alert: you need to go and buy three of them immediately. Let's start strong:

Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender

PlayStation Mobile Review Highlights | Aqua Kitty, Fuel Tiracas, Rebel, Twist Pilot & Super Crate Box

Developer: Tikipod

Price: £2.79

Upon booting up Aqua Kitty, your eyes will initially be attracted to the first part of the title. After all, everyone loves cats and including a bunch of moggies certainly won't hurt sales. You'll then be floored by the the gorgeous big pixel art style, but most savvy gamers will quickly realise that Defender is the operative work here. Aqua Kitty is a gorgeous and responsive reimagining of Williams Electronics' classic arcade game, packed with hectic action, rock-solid mechanics and a superb chiptune soundtrack.

It's also one of the best Vita games on the market.

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David Brown's Free Play: From Keyboard Killing To The Naked Basement

David Brown
Browser games, Corporate Climber, Features, Free Play, Freeware, Glorg, Little Master Cricket, Pixel Jam, QWERTY Warriors, Super Crate Box


Has it really been five weeks since I started writing this column? How time flies in the land of the free, eh? From Siamese twin combat to a sprinter with little control over his legs, it's been an interesting ride through the weirder nooks and crannies of the games industry. Usually when people write intros like this it's with a “but that was then and this is the end of the road.” Not this time. I just couldn't think of anything better this week. On with the games then.

A typing game where there's a spelling mistake on the main menu? OK, it doesn't necessarily inspire confidence, but that's what you're presented with when you first load up QWERTY Warriors. It's ideal for the office, if you can keep the sound off. Typing a lot makes you look like you're doing work, instead of defeating enemies approaching your stationary gun-wielding character by correctly spelling out the words underneath them. It starts off slowly, three-letter enemies emerging occasionally. Soon, your foes are streaming towards you, chipping away at your health while you frantically hammer away at the keys.


Power-ups provide momentary respite, with 'detonate' killing all on-screen enemies and 'fullhealth' doing what it says on the tin. And that's it. Type until your fingers fall off or your health reaches zero. Like any typing game, it's compelling stuff in a basic fashion. See if you can beat my score of 58280 on Medium, with a 98% accuracy average.

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