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The Authority

E3 2011 | RAGE Hands-On Preview

Jonathan Lester
E3 2011, FPS games, id Software, RAGE, Spider Drone, The Authority

E3 2011 | RAGE Hands-On Preview

Respect The Authority!

We've been waiting a long time to rub our grubby mitts all over RAGE's sexy megatextures and luscious, inviting feature set [take a cold shower. Now. -Ed], and thankfully, id Software brought a whole batch of levels along to show us during E3 last week. As well as being able to play through a few of the previously-trailered stages such as the Garage, Well and Dead City, we were also finally allowed to get to grips with The Authority: the mysterious high-tech military outfit who provide the game's major antagonist. Rather than dwelling on the past, I'm going to cut straight to the juicy new stuff and my impressions about how the project is coming together.

E3 2011 | RAGE Hands-On Preview

The Authority Prison was the first major new reveal, and put players into the tight confines of a subterraneal holding facility in search of an incarcerated ally. As opposed to the cobbled-together squalor exhibited by most of RAGE's environments, the prison was chunky, industrial, steel-clad and pulsed with the thrum of machinery and electricity. It's a lot more reminiscent of id Software's usual industrial style, and to be honest, the level wouldn't have looked out of place in Doom 3. The high-tech setting also provided the opportunity to implement some laser grids that block player progress until their generator is located. Sticky EMP grenades will be your best friend against these generators, and can be cobbled together out of a few innocent household items. Expect plenty of find the generator and throw an EMP at it through a small hole in the wall puzzles, though the RC Car will provide a more imaginative method of dealing with these niggling barriers to progression.

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