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The Battle for the Lounge

COMMENT | Is Big Picture Mode A Console-Killer?

Jonathan Lester
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COMMENT | Is Big Picture Mode A Console-Killer?

Steam's Big Picture mode has finally gone from rumour to beta and is kicking a fair amount of posterior despite a few teething troubles. Carl has already delivered our extensively detailed hands-on impressions (though you can opt into the beta update and try it out for yourself), exploring the new interface in all of its convenient, slickly-designed glory. Steam is now thoroughly intuitive to browse with a controller on a widescreen television, putting mainstream console UIs to shame, but Big Picture is also causing some suitably Big Questions to start circulating around the PC community.

Is Valve making a power play for PC living room dominance? Could Big Picture actually be a threat to home consoles?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is also a short one, but infinitely more interesting. Not yet.

COMMENT | Is Big Picture Mode A Console-Killer?

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