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Codemasters: New F1 2011 Vita Version Details

Jonathan Lester
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F1 2011 | Playstation Vita

Minigames, Multiplayer, Rear Touch Pad Support & Sony Pressure

Codemasters: New F1 2011 Vita Version Details

Codemasters were naturally keen to showcase the console versions of F1 2011 at their recent British press event, but they'd also brought the Vita version for us to try out. Since I'd already had a go over at E3 last month, I was keen to pin down exactly what we can expect from the handheld port. Codemasters' Andy Gray was on hand to answer some of my questions, which shed new light on the Vita version's functionality. They "just want to make a good F1 game" regardless of format - and with this admirable sentiment in mind, the handheld version will provide a refreshingly hardcore racing experience despite pressure from Sony to include absolutely every feature that the PS Vita has to offer.

See below for the brand new (and exclusive?) details, questions and answers - as well as new intel about the rear touch pad support and new bite-sized challenge modes.

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