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UNO | 79p | Playstation Network | PS3

Felix Kemp
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Playstation 3


I'm not certain what our lowest priced deal is, but this must be close to the record. We don't have a direct link, as PSN is strictly PS3-accessible only, but you can download UNO on the PS3 for just 79p. That's less than most iPhone apps, and if you've been in the market for a good old fashioned game the entire family can enjoy - I take no pleasure in writing that, by the way - then this must pique your interest. We're all pretty familiar with UNO, mainly for those terrible saccharine adverts with the happy, happy families with invisible wires tugging on either side of their mouths.

Gameloft iPhone/iPod Touch Games 59p Sale [iPhone Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Gameloft frequently run sales and giveaways to promote their iPhone apps and games; and they're at it again. They've currently slashed the price of seven games to 59p, which is essentially an 80% saving (compared to their usual retail price of £2.99!). These games should work perfectly well on iOS4, but please drop us a line if you know differently.

Seven games are included in this deal:

  • Shrek Kart
  • Brother in Arms 2: Global Front
  • UNO
  • Assassins Creed: Altair's Chronicles
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy
  • NOVA
  • Gangster West Coast Hustle

So... what to choose? Whilst they're all fairly decent little timewasters, there are a couple of standout titles here that deserve your immediate attention and consideration.

Assassins Creed: Altair's Chronicles is more than a lazy port of the original DS title. Sharpened up with some slick 3D graphics, it's actually a fantastic tech demo of what the iPhone is capable of. Stepping back into the billowing robes and leather boots of master Assassin Altair, you'll scamper around rooftops, avoid platforming pitfalls and, naturally, assassinate a load of templars who never knew what hit them. It's a fun and accessible title, The only real problem is, as usual, the controls- which features a finnicky virtual analog stick that doesn't always do what you'd expect.

NOVA is probably one of the best (if not the best) game on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a fully-featured FPS with eyepopping graphics, large weapon selection, excellent pacing and... a functional control sceme (gasp!). A perfect amount of auto-aim compensates for the iPhone's lack of thumbsticks; and 4-player local/internet deathmatches add some serious value to the proceedings. For 59p, I can't recommend NOVA highly enough!

Thanks to AgentSingh at Hot UK Deals