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Vampire Hunters

Vampire Hunters Review: Love at First Bite?

Marius Goubert
Games reviews, Vampire Hunters


Platform: PC

Developer: Mayhem Studios

Publisher: CMedia

You might have thought that after five hundred years, their popularity might be starting to wane. But the truth is, Vampires have never been more popular. You can’t even walk into your local town centre nowadays without Edward Cullen’s face jumping out at you at least a dozen times as it circulates the high street on the side of buses. Or switch on the TV without some reference to True Blood or Underworld or - fresh out of the Hollywood recycling machine – some new vampire flick which leaves everyone over the age of about thirteen with a profound sense of déjà-vu.

It’s easy to think therefore, that a game like Vampire Hunters could just jump on the bandwagon and, like Twilight’s Bella, simply piggyback its way through the woods on the back of Edward Cullen and cash in on the public’s incessant infatuation with pasty-faced-bloodsuckers. But the sad truth is that even though vampires have made this huge come-back to the mainstream, the sheer number of problems which plague the gameplay of Vampire Hunters will leave even the most tolerant gamer baying for the blood of those Mayhem Studio developers.

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