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Virious Visions

Skylanders Giants Review | Is Bigger Better?

Ray Willmott
Activision, Skylanders Giants, Toys For Bob, Virious Visions, Wii U games

Skylanders Giants Review | Is Bigger Better?

Platforms: PS3 | Xbox 360 | Wii U (reviewed) | Wii | 3DS

Developers: Vicarious Visions (Wii U) | Toys For Bob (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) | n-Space (3DS)

Publishers: Activision

Skylanders really took off, didn’t it? Set in the same universe as Spyro, it had all the promise of purple dragon platform awesomeness, but in reality, had naff all to do with orb guzzling, and everything to do with action figures and portals with power. That’s ok, though; it still turned out alright, and even got itself endorsed by Mr Boyfriend himself, Justin Biebzebub, via his Twitter feed. Really, there is no better place to get your gaming reviews… (Apart from here. Obviously. - Ed.)

As with all things, Activision were quick to capitalise on the success and make a sequel; this time taking advice from the mantra, ‘bigger is better’. Introducing, Skylanders Giants.

Skylanders Giants Review | Is Bigger Better?

While the Skylanders are seen as legendary guardians and protectors of Skylands, eons ago, the Giants were the ones who ruled with an iron fist. The giants immersed themselves in full-scale war, protecting the revered haven of Skylands from atrocious, ancient, evil. However, much like the Skylanders after them, when the war was won, the Giants were banished to Earth, never heard from again.
However, with the Skylands once again under threat from the maniacal, Kaos, who has freed himself from Earthly prison, as Portal Master, you must unite the forces of the ancient giants with the legendary protectors and once again restore balance to world.

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