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Warner Brothers

Stana Katic Confirmed For Arkham City Voice Cast

Jonathan Lester
Stana Katic, Talia al Ghul, Warner Brothers
Batman: Arkham City

Are you sitting comfortably, Castle fans? Warner Bros has confirmed that Stana Katic, the co-star of hit ABC detective drama Castle, will be voicing Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City. Talia is the estranged daughter of Ra's al Ghul - and since she carries Batman's son in the comics (the fifth Robin, no less), we can't wait to see how she slots into the canon.

"Talia is such a complex character and it was great to voice her in Batman: Arkham City,” said Katic regarding her role in the game. “I was amazed at all the detail put into the project and it’s great to see how excited the fans are about the game.”

Warner Bros sent us a couple of pieces of artwork along with the announcement, and we've included them below. Stay tuned for the Penguin reveal trailer!

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F.3.A.R. Hands-On Preview: (Demonic) Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law

Jonathan Lester
F.3.A.R., F.E.A.R. 3, Gamescom 2010, Paxton Fettel, Point Man, Warner Brothers

f3ar logo

As a Monolith fan, I was genuinely interested to see what Warner Brothers have in store for the F.E.A.R. Franchise. The news that cooperative mechanics would playing a huge part this time around both intruiged and worried me- and luckily, I was granted some hands-on time with the demo and a handy rep to answer a few of my questions.

Let's kick off with the player characters. As you probably know, F.E.A.R. 3 casts you into the role of two psychic clone soldiers, each of whom hate each other but grudgingly need to rely on each other's unique abilities.

The Point Man, as you'd expect, is all about direct combat. He's skilled with firearms and hand to hand combat- and naturally his slow-motion enhanced. This slowed perception also allows his co-op partner to operate in bullet time for the duration of the effect, which provides as well as providing a fair few achievements. He doesn't really offer anything new or exciting, but you can still rely on the Point Man to bring a hail of lead and devastating slide kicks to the party.


Fettel, on the other hand, is a much more interesting combatant. Whilst he can throw weak bolts of psychic energy at his foes, he's extremely vulnerable in open battles and needs to rely on his seriously impressive unique ability. Holding the left trigger while targeting an opponent binds him with a leash of twisted psychic hate... and a single button jab subsequently allows you to leap into your enemy and control them from within. Whilst possessing an enemy Fettel can shoot, equip weapons and take cover just like the Point Man- so considering that he offered the best of both worlds, I took control and started the demo with the WB rep backing me up.

Click here to discover Fettel's psychic shenanigans!