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Word Games

Quarrel Review | A RISKy Strategy

Josh Clark
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Quarrel Review | A RISKy Strategy

Platform:  XBLA

Developer:  Denki

Publisher:  UTV Ignition

I fired up Quarrel this morning for one final game before sitting down to write this review.  The next time I checked the clock three hours had passed and I was about to fall behind on my deadline.  This is a game in which pirates battle ninjas, robots battle soldiers, and aliens battle vikings for territorial control using only the power of the English language.  Conflicts are won and lost at the hands of the elusive anagram, which makes itself known only to the most capable of word-weilding warriors.  It might sound like I'm being obtuse, but Quarrel is absolutely insane; fortunately, it's equally excellent.

Quarrel was announced for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade back in 2009.  Since then, it's been stuck in a developmental limbo of sorts, with a whole host of publishers refusing to release on the grounds that "gamers don’t buy word games”.  Denki though stuck to their guns, and we're now finally able to play the iOS hit as it was always intended: with online multiplayer support.

Quarrel Review | A RISKy Strategy

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