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The Steam Play Indie Pack (inc. Machinarium & World of Goo) £14.99

Felix Kemp
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headerSeemingly in response to the successful Humble Indie Bundle, Steam are now offering their very own discounted collection of much-loved indie games. Included in the bundle are And Yet It Moves, Galcon Fusion, Machinarium, Osmos and the critically acclaimed World of Goo. Bought separately, these games could cost you upwards of fifty quid, and yet in The Steam Play Indie Pack, they're only £14.99 all together!

With a deal this good, a price-comparison is hardly necessary, and it'll no doubt benefit the independent developers who invested time and their hard-earned money to create something different. The Humble Indie Bundle, mentioned earlier, was the victim of online pirates, despite the developers of the pack offering customers to pay whatever they wanted for the collection of five indie games. They even donated some of their earnings to a variety of charities.

And Yet It Moves is a platform game with a wonderful, ripped-paper aesthetic, and includes the world-spinning mechanic of 'rotation'. Navigate levels by rotating the environment to reach previously inaccessible areas. Galcon Fusion is a spaceships-shooter in the mold of the likes of Radiant Silvergun, but with the added bonus of multiplayer modes and sleek HD visuals. Osmos is a curious, zen-like game, where you as a mote of light must absorb other motes of light by consuming them. To reach other motes, you must vent matter, but doing so causes your mote to shrink.

Machinarium and World of Goo are the standouts in the Indie Pack. Machinarium is a classic point-and-click adventure, with wonderfully stylised characters and backdrops. You must aid a lost robot in his quest to return to a city where his robot girlfriend is held hostage, after being thrown in the scrapyard. It's structured around a variety of brain-teasing puzzles you and your robot must solve to progress. Winner of multiple awards, Machinarium is a steal at £14.99 with four plus games.

So is World of Goo, a puzzle-based game where obstacles and environments can be surmounted or overcome by bonding globs of adhesive goo together to form structures. Utilising state-of-the-art physics, your creations can roll, tumble and mount obstacles. It's a charming game that rewards outside-the-box thinking.