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Xbox Companion

Xbox Companion App Hits Windows Phone 7 Tomorrow

Felix Kemp
Dashboard Update, Microsoft, Xbox Companion, Xbox Live

Xbox Companion App Hits Windows Phone 7 Tomorrow

Following on from Jon's earlier post regarding the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update, Microsoft have announced they'll be releasing a new Windows Phone 7 app, dubbed the Xbox Companion, tomorrow. With the app installed, you can track your 360 friends' activities - what games they're playing, videos they're watching, how their Achievement score stacks up next to yours - and search for content via Xbox LIVE.

Furthermore, the Xbox Companion app allows you to remotely control your 360, launching movies, hitting play, pause, fast-forward or stop, activate apps and even "initiate media purchases". It's nothing too eye-opening, but Microsoft has long promised to integrate the 360 and LIVE with their mobile platform, and it appears they're on the right track towards achieving this.