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XIII Is Coming Back

Felix Kemp
Anuman Interactive, XIII

XIII Is Coming Back

On PC, Mac & iOS Devices

Remember XIII back in 2003? The divisive shooter from Ubisoft split a lot of opinions, but was widely acknowledged as a bold move from the publisher, with an ambitious art-style and intriguing narrative. It didn't sell too well, and as such Ubisoft passed on the option of a followup, much to fan's dismay. However, it appears we have good news to report, as publisher Anuman Interactive are bringing XIII back!

As of right now, we have no projected release date, but Anuman have confirmed the XIII reboot will be launching on PCs, Mac and iOS devices, suggesting a scaled-down scope for the title. We're not fussed. The original was a striking, enjoyable game, let down only by curious peculiarities inherent to such a unique title. [Eurogamer]