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Take-Two: Long Console Cycle "A Good Thing"

Matt Gardner
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Take-Two: Long Console Cycle "A Good Thing"

Are Take-Two bothered about when the next generation of consoles comes around? Not particularly. As CEO Strauss Zelnick explained, ageing console cycles is "a goodthing", if you've got a catalogue of excellence on standby that is.

We're seeing some evidence of an ageing console cycle, which generally is a good thing for a company with very high quality titles, like Take-Two," Zelnick told MCV. "There is still ample opportunity in the market with the current generation, provided that you deliver the highest quality entertainment experiences - which we always aim to do.

"This year's schedule is probably the best in our history."

Not that Take-Two are resting on their laurels, and Zelnick also highlighted how he felt his company were more than ready for next-gen, whenever it arrives.

"Hardware transitions historically have created both challenges and opportunities for third-party publishers. In order to succeed, it seems to me that any company needs: talent, tech, IP, and a strong balance sheet. Take-Two has all four. As always, we'll need to make triple-A titles that delight consumers. Frankly, our creative folks will be thrilled to have an opportunity to do just that."

I recently wrote a devil's advocate piece explaining why I really couldn't care less about next-gen, noting that shinier graphics won't help push forwards game design, and arguing that the more we focus on next-gen the more we run the risk of creative stagnation.

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chelmsfordman  Jun. 1, 2012 at 13:50

'shinier graphics'........ how about more ram to enable larger more complex maps,a more powerful gpu and cpu for better AI and pyhsics engines. 'shinier graphics'...............christ you so called experts make me sick.

DivideByZero  Jun. 1, 2012 at 14:55

Yep... devs never want the next gen as it just means more work and more learning for them. If you could get away with doing very little for a living then you would.

"This year's schedule is probably the best in our history."

Yep well, it wont be the best it could be on consoles will it. For anything with half decent graphics by today's standards expect poor frame-rates and lots of let down graphics where the hardware lets all your game development down.

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